Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cardinal Dolan's 'Splainin - Grab Your Banner and Join the Parade

He's got to be kidding.

Is he implying that wearing a sign about pride in temptations in sexual attractions outside of the sacrament of marriage does not fatally wound grand marshalling the parade?

Let's take a look at crack pipe he's passing out as Catholic teaching:

He starts off with a piece of sound theology:

So, while actions are immoral, identity is not!

This is true. Sort of.

One can acknowledge the temptations they have and/or the falls in the past and identify with a classification of that struggle.

One can have the honesty to identify himself as being attracted to pornography, masturbation, habitual wife/husband cheater, polygamy, booze, drugs.

The rightly-ordered purpose for such recognition is to keep the constant vigil over what leads oneself (or others) into falling to the temptation.

When one puts a sign on oneself about taking pride in their temptation, the recognition of identity is being used to promote taking actions on those temptations.

If Cardinal Dolan wants to have a parade with the group COURAGE to clarify to those watching the parade that those wearing signs of identity to their personal sexual temptations are practicing the virtue of celibacy - he can knock himself out.

But that is not what is going on here and he knows it. His intellectual dishonesty astounds me.

He goes on to say:

In fact, as the Catechism of the Catholic Church reminds us, people with same-sex attraction are God’s children, deserving dignity and respect, never to be treated with discrimination or injustice.

Absolutely true.

Priests who are attracted to breaking their vow of celibacy are also God's children, deserving of dignity and respect and should never be treated with discrimination or injustice.

If a movement starts happening in the USCCB to take pride in it and Cardinal Dolan leads a parade, every lucid person who is watching it knows the implicit message about what actions he is condoning.

In fact, as the Catechism of the Catholic Church reminds us, people with same-sex attraction, friends with benefits, pornography, masturbation, habitual wife/husband cheater, breaking your vow of celibacy in the Sacrament of Ordination, polygamy, booze, drugs are God’s children, deserving dignity and respect, never to be treated with discrimination or injustice.

Grab your banner. The Pope Francis effect parades are commencing.

I hope they have the decency to make their symbol the golden calf.

Some of us will be skipping the celebration at the base of Mt. Sinai. We'll be sitting in front of the Sanctuary. We'll be right there in every parish and ministry, in every diocese, reminding you of the truth. When it's all over and the smoke rises once again out of Vatican City, we'll emerge from the cavern to assess the damage and start again.


Catechist Kev said...

Why does this quote from Chesterton come to mind after reading Cdl Dolan's "explanation"?

"Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions.”


Anonymous said...

Pro-Sodomites want to inundate or control it:


The Catholic League
September 18, 2014

Bill Donohue speaks to the latest attempts to control the New York St. Patrick’s Day Parade:

The parade committee’s decision to allow a cherry-picked NBC gay unit to march in the 2015 parade has triggered an onslaught of applications from other gay groups, as well as new attempts to wrest control of the parade.

These efforts were given more fuel when parade committee vice chairman John Lahey, president of Quinnipiac University, announced that he was “enthusiastic” about sitting down with Brendan Fay to discuss his interest in marching in 2016. Fay is a gay activist who was an official in DignityUSA, a radical dissident Catholic gay group that works to undermine the Church. He says he is married to a man.

Applying to march in the 2015 parade are Irish Queers, St. Pat’s for All, the Lavender and Green Alliance, and gay groups within established non-gay organizations. Also, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) announced on Monday that it has applied to march.

HRC is the nation’s largest gay group, one that is highly critical of the Church’s teachings on sexuality. In July, it berated the New York Giants because it hired David Tyree to be its new Director of Player Development (he is the Giants’ hero in the 2007 Super Bowl). Tyree’s crime? He supports marriage as the union between a man and a woman. HRC has also lashed out at Francis Cardinal George for defending what it considers the Church’s “discriminatory” policies against homosexuals. It is important to note that one of HRC’s biggest sponsors is Diageo, owner of Guinness; it is a “Platinum Partner.”

On another front, attempts are being made by gay activists, left-wing groups, and gay politicians to wrest control of the parade permit from the parade committee. They are pressuring New York Mayor Bill de Blasio to give them the permit, but so far their efforts have failed. This is just the beginning—look for more attempts to crash the parade over the next six months.