Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cardinal Kasper thinks 2000 years of Catholics who contradict him have not been listening to 'the spirit'

This interview is so loaded wih Kasper's agenda to use the synod to jackhammer 2000 years of theology, one hardly knows where to begin.

At this point, I'm going to guess those holding on to the delusion Pope Francis is not the wind beneath Kasper's wings are suffering from a bad case of willful ignorance.

I would urge you to take the time to stomach the whole article but let me give you Kasper's major talking points.

Kasper explains the 2000 years of theologians before him and Pope Francis have misunderstood what mercy is all about.

It's all been a big misunderstanding.

Mercy isn't cheap grace that takes away the commandments.

No, no, no - that would be absurd.

It's all about twisting the interpretation up into a pretzel. Why Thomas Aquinas taught us that!

Doctrine won't change. They're going to instruct everyone to stop using doctrine as the source to measure the discipline of our conduct.

Got that?

When you read doctrine that prohibits a certain conduct, that is the time to stop disciplining youself.

We must read the sign of the times. He and Pope Francis can't imagine the majority of the synod will go against the crystal ball of the current Pope.

This is what you call living "the reality of the senses" of polygamists.

You see, the understanding of the Gospel lives in the souls of people who reject the museum of Church teaching.

The Joy of the Gospel comes from your needs, not the code of doctrines and commandments.

So if you need your neighbor's car, forget about doctrines and commandments about stealing.

If you need a booty call, do not use the discernment of the code of doctrines and commandmets.

Why not use Kieran Conroy to show the Pope's see of Bishops how to execute the strategy?

Cardinal Kasper goes on to explain that the Romans have "fears" about the Pope's idioms and concrete moral construction in the new Evangelii Gaudium.

We're a paranoid bunch.

I'll tell you what Carol "needs" for Evangelii Gaudium. She needs to stay further away from these people than people exhibiting symptoms of Ebola.

Take the time to read the whole interview. It is surreal.

I'll say it again...This is going to get ugly!


Anonymous said...

We're at an all time high with this false mercy ....check out Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP....what a poor deluded individual He spoke at the Divine Mercy Conference in Ireland...He said Pope Francis invited him to pop over for a chat after his election. Priests who are faithful to their vows couldn't get one foot in the door at the Vatican....this dissident is another example of where the Bishop of Rome is taking us and it's not a pretty picture...Rosary, Scapular, frequent reception of The Blessed Sacrament and daily consecration to the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Our Lady will be our refuge.

Catholic in Brooklyn said...

Is there a reason why you did not use any quotes from the interview? Doing so would lend more credibility to your post.

Catholic Mission said...

October 1, 2014

All the Cardinals at the Synod on the family in their catechesis will use the irrational right hand column in the intepretation of Vatican Council II and the Catechism of the Catholic Church


TTC said...


The reason is, I've linked the article and people here can read it for themselves.

TTC said...


I note you are a attracted to the Poopoopontifications at patheos.

You've landed on a different planet here. LOL