Thursday, October 2, 2014

Is Cardinal Kasper Speaking for the Pope?

Over the last few days, Cardinal Burke made a few noteworthy statements about the dust up around the Chair of Peter.

Cardinal Burke, Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, said in a conference call with journalists on Tuesday that he found it “amazing” that Cardinal Kasper claimed to speak for the Pope.

The Pope doesn’t have laryngitis. The Pope is not mute. He can speak for himself. If this is what he wants, he will say so,” Cardinal Burke said.

“But for me as a cardinal to say that what I am saying are the words of Pope Francis? That to me is outrageous.”

After working in St. Peter's Square for so many years, I would imagine he's experienced passive-aggressive before, so I shan't elaborate... other than to point out the obvious:

In this situation, he's hand-picked Cardinal Kasper to write his talking points into the agenda. Kasper has been giving those talking points for a year while stating the Pope gave him his marching orders.

Sure, the Pope can speak for himself. The point is, he hasn't. At this juncture, there is no reason to disbelieve Cardinal Kasper.

Even if we excluded the maligning of the faithful practice of our religion coming straight from Pope Francis' mouth, who he is appointing to his administration and who he is removing, the witch hunt of Bishop Finn while Bishop Robert Lynch who paid one hundred grand to his accuser remains unscathed, the witch hunts of the Friars of the Immaculate while Pope Francis caricatures the Jesuits, who have taught heresy to two generations of souls, as the brave 'rowers' on the Ark of the Covenant - any reasonably person can draw the conclusion that the Pope would have spoken for himself if his talking points were being twisted.

Look, I am only responsible for a handful of people. If I hired somebody to teach them and that person taught them not to discipline their conduct in accordance with Church teaching and it is a sin not to obey their desires --- and said these were MY talking points, do you think I would be mute for months while he/she pinned this crooked path on me?

Of course not.

Because we all know what that does to a moral compass for the rest of the person's life.

As to the veracity of the assertion they are my talking points, my silence would tell my children everything they need to know.

If after he was done I applauded and stood up and said it was great theology, there is no room left to continue a charade this is not my agenda.

Cardinal Kasper's authority is coming directly from Pope Francis. This show has gone on for a year and Pope Francis has been mute.

This is what is outrageous.

A pretense that a Pope wouldn't know the outcome of appointing a theologian who has spent his life leading souls to unfaithfulness to doctrine to lead his synod.

This is outrageous.

A Pope puts people in place to carry out his agenda and that is what's going down.

I finally put my finger on the way I was feeling about this whole affair. We've all seen this show more times than It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

It is the bishop who keeps arm's length from his own agenda by hiring the apostates to roll it out and then pretending the outcome has nothing to do with such an honest, faithful guy like him.

It's sneaky and bears the stink of dishonesty.

It's been over a year and a half. I'm really not exactly sure what Cardinal Burke finds outrageous.

What I find outrageous is, the Pope's silence as he empowers Kasper to do the dirty deed.

They are going to spend three years discrediting obedience to Church teaching

They are going to round up heretics and give them a podium to teach the uncatechized and let the seeds sown do the damage in every parish and apostolate. Let nature take it's course, finish the job they started at Vatican II.

For the past two pontificates, they have been busy in the dungeon breeding locusts. They are about to open the doors of Vatican City and release millions of them.

I will leave you with my thoughts on this loaded statement:

Cardinal Burke added that whatever Francis thinks about a more lenient approach on Communion for remarried Catholics, he cannot change current church teaching

While Cardinal Kasper states Pope Francis has been candid with him about his convictions, it appears Cardinal Burke doesn't know what the Pope thinks.

Putting aside the story the company the Pope keeps and those he doesn't tells, it has always struck me as peculiar that communication is so stilted that one couldn't hold a candid conversation and receive straight-forward answers to such basic questions about a Pope's intention to teach Christ's people fidelity to doctrine.

I'd have a stack of editorials from faithful Catholics to stuff under his nose and say - Is the man you appointed and empowering to carry out your agenda doing the job accurately? Your silence indicates it is. What say you?

My gut instincts are...that was done before the five Cardinals took the drastic measure to publish the book and they received no answers.

If we are to believe Cardinal Kasper - the Pope met with him and they discussed how to proceed.

That's what an administrator does when they appoint somebody to talk for them.


Francisco Franco said...

First Obama, now Bergoglio. They both seem the same.

Both are narcissistic bullies.

Michael Davitt said...

"In this situation, he's hand-picked Cardinal Kasper to write his talking points into the agenda. Kasper has been giving those talking points for a year while stating the Pope gave him his marching orders.

Sure, the Pope can speak for himself. The point is, he hasn't. At this juncture, there is no reason to disbelieve Cardinal Kasper. "

I could NOT have said it any better!!! Thank you.

JB said...

all that will result from this Synod is the "streamlining" of the already fairly generous annulment process. they will be given in 99% of all cases, while insisting that marriage is indissoluble in valid marriages.

the trick will be when the divorced annulled and remarried, then seek a second annulment when wanting to marry a third time, and how will Cardinal Kasper and Jorge find pastoral solutions for that situation.

Anonymous said...

I like JB's trick, but think it's already covered in that they are going to let the African Muslims who convert keep their four wives--as that is the custom for them.

Unfortunately, I know from personal experience that divorced and remarried outside the church are receiving communion--as my own niece does it. Could be she didn't inform her priest of her situation. But how could they deny her when Andrew Cuomo is receiving? In all N.O. churches I have never seen anyone refused communion; I have seen protestants go up for communion and receive. Both times I don't believe priest was aware, but that is the problem--they give communion to anyone there whether they know them or not. Two members of my family and their spouses refrain from communion, but I know if they went up, they would be handed communion. This synod will give priests a fig leaf to cover these situations, but it will also open the flood gate for more protestants and unbaptized as well as divorced and remarried, homosexuals, etc. to receive--as well as further erode Catholic conception of communion as Real Presence. It is the mass. We turned our back on God and He has left us to reap the fruit.