Monday, September 22, 2014

He is not Spartacus?

A high-level mole has written a behind-the-scenes story about the appointment of apostate Bp. Cupich to the Chicago see.

The mole claims the US Nuncio was one of the forces behind the appointment.

I'm surprised (sort of) to hear Ab. Viganò is sleeping with the enemy. Wasn't he a key player in the disclosure of highly-sensitive documents outlining the sexcapades and money laundering going on in the Curia? Wasn't he later exiled in retaliation when the internal mafioso recovered enough to crawl out out from the sink hole and blackmail somebody who had the power to exile him?

I thought the US Nuncio was a good egg.

This is a strange turn of events.

It might actually explain a few things.

Over the course of my 20 years of work trying to get Catechesis released from imprisonment, the US Nuncio has periodically been a player who responded to some of the more serious dust ups.

I've never liked the games nuncio's play and they all play them. Some more than others. They pretend appropriate protocol for communication to them is, they don't acknowledge your communication. They have a nun answering phones who assures you it's been read by him and may or may not be acted upon and politely tells you to have a nice life before she hangs up the phone.

This is the way it is they'll tell you, Arrivederci.

I think I've sent one or two followup communications about the communications that outlines, as politely as possible:

You've got some gall brother. Get over yourself and institute some kind of system of oversight and accountability for the serious matters people bring to you. Hasn't the hierarchy learned that we need a structure for reporting corruption and responding to it? Holding people accountable? Removing them if necessary?

Usually, the party knows the more serious stuff gets acted upon because the speeding cuckoo train comes to a screeching halt. It wasn't happening with Ab Viganò, which I found to be interesting.

I never drew the conclusion it was necessarily him. Sometimes, the corruption is so bad and things are so far out of control, they defy orders of superiors. That has been happening periodically for about five years in Boston - manifesting itself in certain matters. I figured the Holy See had lost complete control and had bigger fish to fry.

Why would he want to put a fox in the henhouse?

Has he been on the other side all along?

Am I scratching this guy off the scorecard?

A commenter wrote earlier, with a tiny bit of guilt, that they found all the selling out entertaining.

I don't know about that! I didn't think the crowd would be this thin.

I keep hoping Don Bosco's vision was accurate and eventually the cowards come around.

Fr. Nicolson has an outstanding post on staying the course, HERE. Do take the time to read it.

But these are troubled times, and I do not mean to minimize the anxiety and feelings of helplessness that many people feel.

We went on to discuss the coming Synod. Again, I probed with cold determination on what the Canon might offer. He, again, with elegant ease, reminded me of the historical events surrounding the definition of the dogma of Infallibility, and many other events in which the Church seemed to be caught between two, three or even more, camps. He suggested that this kind of tension, while undesirable, allows the Holy Ghost to strike the most perfect balance in the pronouncements and definitions of the Faith.

It were as if God uses the chaos to create and clarify.

I keep praying - We get the message. You can stop now!

(This post of Fr. Nicholson's is kind of fun too.)

As Rod Steward once said, every picture tells a story don't it.


Anonymous said...

Another behind-the-scenes story about the appointment of Bishop Blasé to Chicago (Hat-tip to Bp. Cupich pushed by Gang of Nine's Maradiaga, O'Malley and by D.C. Cardinal Wuerl):

In Chicago’s Wake, “Riding the Wave”

posted by Rocco Palmo

Anonymous said...

"We'll thrown luv bombs at them."

[Cardinal] O’Malley calls for love in face of threat from ISIS

Monday, September 22, 2014
By: Laurel J. Sweet


BRAVING A THREAT: Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley led a Mass yesterday for public safety personnel at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.

Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley said yesterday we may be forced into a “just war” but without love “we’re going to destroy each other.”

During the first Mass for public safety personnel in 13 years at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, O’Malley told the gathering of law enforcement officials, “Compassion and love can come from one’s enemy. Then, no one is an enemy and everyone is a neighbor.”

O’Malley later told the Herald with regard to ISIS, “Although we must always reject violence and hatred, it’s the people that we must love. And hopefully that love will touch them.

“Love has a ripple effect, just as violence does,” he said. “Sometimes we have to engage in a just war, but if there’s not love for people, the recognition that we’re all one human family, then we’re going to destroy each other. We’re going to build a civilization of love or there’ll be no civilization at all.”

Asked if the growing threat to Christians by ISIS is worth starting another war over, O’Malley said, “We should always look for alternatives — always look for alternatives. The more that we can have a dialogue — a real dialogue — the better. The response can’t always be just meeting violence with violence.”

Anonymous said...

I'm always amazed with our hierarchys ability to completely overlook Our Lady of Fatima......just a little humble obedience to the Mother of God would truly go along way ....they can talk love and peace till the proverbial cows come home but nothing will be accomplished until the pope consecrates Russia to Her Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart....end of story.

Anonymous said...

I meant I was entertained by the laity selling out -- namely the professed "conservative catholics" at Patheticos , and their ilk. As far as the clergy/hierarchy, I always presume they are bad eggs unless proven otherwise. This policy has served me well, I regret to say.

Kathleen Reilly , previously "anonymous"

Joe Potillor said...

With Bishops' like these, who needs enemies?

TTC said...

Kathleen, thanks for saying hello!

Joe, I agree!

Anonymous, those I have to process. Macabre !!