Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pope Francis hand-picked moral theologian on family suggests Pope will push birth control

When is this circus of a synod anyhow?

Remember the fifty years of urban legends and kooky theology that delusional people swore were approved at Vatican II that wound up in Catholic educational resources?

Yeah. I think the Pope Francis synod will make that look like content from the Remnant.

Cardinal Kasper recently spoke about the Pope's agenda on contraception.

Parents need to make decisions on how many children they should have, not the Church.

Here is something we can believe: He doesn't know what the solution is to close the "gulf" between Church teaching and disobedience to it.

I am sure he is clueless about the remedy of teaching substance that awakens the conscience and drives people to the Sacrament of Confession and Sacramental Grace in the Eucharist. He hasn't used that gulf closer since the nuns threw on their first pair of polyester pants.

He also articulated mutual decisions to refrain from relations when a woman is ovulating is "artificial", implying its the same thing as using abortifacient of birth control pills.

A madman has been put in charge of the synod.

Maybe we should hire Frs Paul Nicholson and George Rutler and hole up with them for a ten day retreat until its over?!


JB said...

The man actually called the natural infertile period of a woman "artificial." Comical. Not the deepest moral theologian obviously.

Humanae Vitae already says that parents may, for serious economic or other serious reasons, use those naturally occurring infertile periods provided there is no intent to absolutely reject the possibility of a new life.

This is really quite serious. A cardinal saying things like this. It does bring Akita to mind.

TTC said...

He's one mixed up dude.

It's creepy how he builds his case that the Church's permission to abstain from relations during a woman's fertile period is a license to use artificial means to intercept life and consequently the pope is open to using abortifacients.

Did you see he says everything he's saying has been approved by the Pope?

In some ways, I'm hard pressed not to believe him. After all, he was chosen by the Pope to represent and guide content to bring about the Pope's objectives. Moreover, he's not the one threatened with demotion and exile.

At this point, its hard not to conclude they are both off of their rocker.

I will have to re-read Akita!

JB said...

Yes I should have added that the obvious difference, apart from not introducing dangerous chemicals into a woman's body, is that use of the naturally occurring infertile periods requires some abstinence, and hence, builds respect and love for the other as an end in herself/himself, not as a means to selfish pleasure. With artificial contraception, abstinence is out the window, as is respect for the whole person.

Francisco Franco said...

Have you lost your mind???

Do you know nothing concerning how we sheep should be bred?

We are the sheep which Pope St. Francis is desperately attempting to elevate with mercy and pastoral caresses.

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If it is possible, select parents with a successful, prolific history. For example, Favelas in ARGENTINA. Mates from different faiths and cultures tend to have good sheep. That's the primary purpose of ecumenism.

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Anonymous said...

Pope Francis' hand-picked appointment of Blaise Cupich to be the new Archbishop of Chicago may be a disappointment to pro-lifers there, based on his relation with the pro-life movement in his current diocese of Spokane - as Mark Shea has documented in a number of reports since 2011, collected at