Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Clu Clux Crux and Archbishop Chaput

I know I keep repeating myself, but here's another shining example that we're all going to keep vigilant guard over our souls - and I do mean vigilant.

When it comes to Catechesis under the reign of Pope Francis, it would seem the only thing we are not going to have a shortage of is nutty rituals and kooky theology.

When it comes to navigating the river of sanity, we learned Archbishop Chaput does not have both oars in the water. He's pulled his boat over to the shores to join a tribe of Indians who perform pagan rituals of smoking tobaccy and eagle feathers to invoke spirits.

When it comes to counsel, wisdom, healing and intimacy with the spiritual world, the Divinity of Christ in the Tabernacle just isn't cutting the mustard for him.

Color me scrupulous, but I've been away from the madness for so long, it's hard to imagine how you even find yourself in such a haunted place, let alone be so numb in the soul and brain that you would admit your predicament in a newspaper.

Forgive me for thinking out loud here, but there are several stages of the state of one's soul that seem obvious to me. I might descend a couple of steps, but it astounds me that a Catholic priest or Bishop would be smoking feathers in a tribe for a cheap thrill for his soul and not say to himself... WHOAH. WAIT, WHAT AM I DOING!!!!

Here's a reader's digest of my stages:

1. Intimacy and joy - you can't get enough of the Divinity of Christ and the Properties are guiding your mind, soul and animus.

2. Drifting - thoughts or feelings disturb your peace and you are struggling with your rudder.

The devil is in the vicinity. You may not even be able to put your finger on where he's trying to worm his way in. Things in life may seem like they're going smoothly. It might be something small that he's pecking away at, but he is there. If a quick examination of conscience doesn't find mortal sin, you increase reception of the Eucharist, time in Adoration, prayer, Rosary.

Doesn't take long and you're back fully drawing the Properties of Christ. The Alpha and the Omega which contains EVERYTHING.

3. Rudderless - Your thoughts and animus is in a tail spin. You walk out of Mass, Adoration - and you are in the same shape as before you went in.

You've got an ailment that requires the Sacrament of Confession. Time for examination of conscience and the Eucharist, prayer, vigilance - until you are back drawing the Properties of Christ.

I work at trying not to fall below the drift. Life is complicated and busy and I will occasionally find myself in a place where the Properties in Christ's Body and Blood are unable to reach me. It doesn't take longer than a few days to recognize it. I am not feeling the draw. I fall away from prayer. I am operating completely under my own power and I feel it. I put doing something about it on my top list of priorities.

I am not saying finding joy and peace in exercise, the beach, a movie, friends, family, chores, things that appreciate the heritage of our ancestors and culture, work, isn't a good pursuit. Of course it is.

But if you find yourself trying to jump on a cheap thrill of a pagan rituals for your spiritual sustenance, you are off of Christ's reservation.

The poor misguided creatures writing at the Crux have an agenda they are carrying out. Here was a not to surprising revelation: They are aiming at 'middle-aged' bitter man-hating seahags in the pews.

Pope Francis has ripened the agenda. Whether he means to or he doesn't is irrelevant. The devil is in the details and the harvesting between the good and evil forces is in full swing. Stay alert in your boat and if you feel the drift, get thee to Confession and the Eucharist.

Please pray for our dear Archbishop Chaput.

Mike Voris Vortex is, once again, outstanding.

One point. He asks what is happening and me thinks Mikey does not want to acknowledge the Pope Francis elephant in the room. The Chair of Peter is occupied by a leader of this long, painful crucible inside of our Church. The elevation has empowered the agenda. They are fearlessly advancing the internal destruction. That is what is happening.


Anonymous said...

Msgr. Pope's "show-trial confession"?

What happened to the St. Patrick’s Parade Post?

By: Msgr. Charles Pope

Many of you have expressed concern about a blog post I wrote on the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which was removed. I am grateful for your concern about this and all the issues we discuss here. I removed the post upon further reflection due to the strong nature of the language I had used in parts of it. I apologize if the language I used caused offense.

I remain concerned about the central point of the article, namely, how we as Catholics can effectively engage a culture that increasingly requires us to affirm what we cannot reasonably affirm. There are many prudential decisions involved in the answer to this question, and my intent is not to directly criticize any bishop or diocese. But this is an issue we must all collectively wrestle with as our culture and our faith reach deeper differences.

I am grateful to the Archdiocese of Washington, which has generously sponsored our conversation on this site for five years. I am also grateful to all of you who read and comment. I ask mutual charity and understanding for all parties involved. The beautiful motto of James Cardinal Hickey, who ordained me, rings just now in my heart: Veritatem in Caritate (the truth in charity).

Steve Dalton said...

Michael Voris is a brave, fearless, fighter against the insanity in the hierarchy, except when it comes to confronting the man at the top. Mikey can decry the insanity of the bishops and the priests all he wants and keep the money rolling in from frightened Catholics who want a man who will stand up to these crazies, but it will never solve the problem. The crazies are only a problem because the head of the madhouse is allowing them to run wild. Voris, and those like him, refuse to acknowledge the responsibility of the Popes in allowing this state of affairs to continue. The only time when the Popes in the last 50 years have taken action is when the scandals got too close to them for comfort. How close does it have to get to Voris for him to realize the Pope is the only reason why these crazy clergymen are causing the troubles he moans and groans about?

Hesketh said...

Right on the money Steve Dalton. Voris books his cruises with folks with their heads in the sand, but who get some satisfaction decrying Cardinals Cheesehead Dolan, O'Malley and the nuns on the bus. Meanwhile Bergoglio promotes the chaos. The net effect is unintended (and I'm sure appalling to Voris), he ends up promoting the Trads, the SSPX and even the sedevacantists.