Saturday, October 18, 2014

Final Message from Synod Fathers: An invitation to walk away from Church Teaching with them.

I'd say its a synopsis of different situations where people have strayed from Church teaching and it isn't clear to them what their role is.

What's a Pope to do when the whole world is sleeping around and clinging to boats in the middle of the ocean.

When darkness is growing to the point of becoming a dense shadow and when evil and sin is working into the heart of the family, what's a see of bishops to do but to point out the precious value in the evils and dense shadows.

Too much of a challenge to remain faithful to conjugal love. Indifference, money problems and stress create failures. We find new lovers to sleep around with and everyone down at your local parish and chancery is too much of a coward to point out the choices that are faithful to Christ. Now with a coward in the chair of Peter, there is nobody all the way up the ladder who is willing to show you your choices. That leaves people sleeping around with choices that are not obvious to them.

Everyone is wandering in the desert, so not having any idea what Church teaching is, you and the person or persons you are sleeping with have become the authors of truth. They intend to continue to impovish us all. They are replacing the deposit of faith with the evils that have arisen from their starvation of Church teaching.

Here is their prayer:

Father, grant to all families the presence of strong and wise spouses who may be the source of a free and united family.

In case it isn't clear what I think about the 'final message' of the synod fathers, it looks to me like they're inviting us to walk with them for the next year as they walk away from Church teaching.

It's the biggest bunch of hooey this side of those three days in Woodstock.

Do check out the comment on the link to the Cardinal Archbishop of Boston's newspaper from a man who is the fruit of the people lighting the way.

He states:

Please mention the use of contraception after procreating 4 children.
secondly, the continuing education of young and newly married couples in the Faith.
Thirdly, what about accepting gay couples into our church community?

Poor ignorant and misled man doesn't get it. They are not going to inform his ignorance or explain away the perversions he's been taught or is teaching to others.

They are going to let him stew in his own urine and tell him it smells like roses.


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Ravenous Wolves in Sheeps Clothing.
Starting to build the Ark now, anybody want to help?

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