Saturday, October 18, 2014

Christ's Mystical Body: Where is It in Its Journey to Follow Christ's Three Year Ministry?

On yesterday's post, I spoke about a comment Cardinal Burke made sometime in the last week that I found thought-provoking.

He spoke about the Relatio and basically said if this is where it's going, he wouldn't know where we were.

Whenever events in Christ's Body are disorienting, I try to figure out, literally, where Christ's Mystical Body is and what is happening. That way, I can see the roadmap Christ left for us more clearly.

Sometimes my guess is in the vicinity and other times, as events unfold, I find I was off the mark.

Over the past year, as the muslims have once again risen to pursue and kill us - wiping us out of every country, down to the last Christian in town - it became a little clearer that we were in Gethsemene where Judas and the soldiers were approaching Christ's Body in pursuit to kill It.

Yesterday, I thought we were further along. Judas has arrived with the soldiers and Christ's Body has been seized.

I mentioned my observations this morning to a friend and he responded: Peter's Denial.


Of course!! That is precisely where we are.

The Deposit of Faith is in captivity. The cock has crowed three times and Peter is denying Christ.

Watch your step in the chaos.

Events have shaken out the wheat from the chaff in Peter's see.

They have all been revealed and each has taken their role of Judas or Peter.

The mystical properties of Christ's Body are complex.

Cardinal Erdo is a shining example. Standing by the fire, he denies Christ but them somebody or something dope slaps him and he returns to what he knows is the road to his persecution and martyrdom - wet or dry martyrdom doesn't matter, we have not begun to see ugly yet. LOL.

Whether Pope Francis goes to his casket playing the role of Judas or whether he wakes up one morning to realize he is denying Christ is really immaterial.

We stay tethered to the Chair of Peter and the Deposit of Faith.

At some point, maybe the next Pope or the Pope after that, Peter once again returns.

I don't know who Fellay and SSPX is, but they are not part of Christ's Apostolic Church at this point in time and so they are to be stayed away from. Just remember Christ's instructions. Go right down to your local parish and stand up and speak the truth when it becomes clear the pastor has taken the role of denying Christ and the truth. If they throw you or chase you out, go to the next town.

If you have small children, it is not time for you to play in the game. Find a pastor who is playing the role of Peter and let him teach your children the tools for their salvation. The time is now. Evaluate who your pastor is, and mosey on down the road. Tell him why you are going before you go. This way, you have gifted him with the opportunity to recognize what role he is playing and may some day wake up. But you and your children flee to a safe place.

Much prayer for all.

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Damask Rose said...

"If you have small children... But you and your children flee to a safe place."

Dead straight.