Friday, October 17, 2014

Synod Day 10: Veil Ripped off of Pope Francis and His Sham Synod "on the Family"

You've all no doubt read the explosive interview by now.

Cardinal Burke has always been an extremely prudent servant for Christ's Church.

For him to be so transparent about Pope Francis and his sham of a synod, I would venture to guess the situation is probably as bad as it gets.

If, as any rational person observing the situation has concluded, Pope Francis jury rigged the synod to discredit Church teaching, Carinal Burke said the following:

If Pope Francis had selected certain cardinals to steer the meeting to advance his personal views on matters like divorce and the treatment of LGBT people, Burke said, he would not be observing his mandate as the leader of the Catholic Church.

It is a misfeasance and malfeasance of his duty and role of supreme custodian of Church teaching.

I don't know what canonical ramifications his orchestrated buffoonery has upon his election, but I think the deliberate deception and outcome is catastrophic to his leadership as Roman Pontiff.

According to my understanding of the church’s teaching and discipline, no, it wouldn’t be correct,” Burke said, saying the pope had “done a lot of harm” by not stating “openly what his position is.” Burke said the Pope had given the impression that he endorses some of the most controversial parts of the Relatio, especially on questions of divorce, because of a German cardinal who gave an important speech suggesting a path to allowing people who had divorced and remarried to receive communion, Cardinal Walter Kasper, to open the synod’s discussion.

“The pope, more than anyone else as the pastor of the universal church, is bound to serve the truth,” Burke said. “The pope is not free to change the church’s teachings with regard to the immorality of homosexual acts or the insolubility of marriage or any other doctrine of the faith.”

The irony of all this is, if he had only chosen faithful bishops to calibrate his message and help him deliver the invitation for all to see the beauty of Church teaching, we all could have pulled it together.

But, Burke said, the church must always call a “person who’s involved in sinful acts … to conversion in a loving way, but obviously, like a father or mother in a family, in a firm way for the person’s own good.” There cannot be “a difference between doctrine and practice” on questions like homosexuality or anything else, Burke said.

“The church doesn’t exclude anyone who’s of goodwill even if the person is suffering from same-sex attraction or even acting on that attraction,” said Burke. “If people don’t accept the church’s teaching on these matters then they’re not thinking with the church and they need to examine themselves on that and correct their thinking or leave the church if they absolutely can’t accept. They’re certainly not free to change the teaching of the church to suit their own ideas.”

The Jesus who gathered apostles and ended His day walking them to the brothels to get some precious, good and valuable support is a fata morgana.

Jesus immediately drove out demons and cured the spiritual problems of those around him. He excluded entire races of people saying they were not worthy as we do not give what is holy to the dogs. He instructed His Apostles not to case pearls before swine - and He was talking about people, not pigs. He told people they could not hear Him because their father was the devil.

Do you remember when Jesus invited Ciaphas to teach His people?

Me neither.

Do you remember when St. Peter invited Nero to teach his beliefs on moral theology?

They do not know the Man.

Who Pope Francis hand-picked to calibrate Church teaching was deliberate, as is the outcome, which we all know contradicts 2000 years of Church teaching.

He didn't just pick one crackpot, he surrounded himself with them and appears to be conspiring to ambush and obstruct the moral authority of Church teaching.

Who could deny what we are all now hearing from everyone around us?

Even our good friend in Christ Mikey had to pony up.

Who's left? Robbie George, George Weigel and the motley crew of juggernauts at Patheos.

It is a really sad situation, but the damage the pope has done to his papacy is irreversible, IMO.

Justin Beiber the out of control drug addict paid the Pope 16,000 to go into the vacant papal household and kick a football around the room. The Pope is renting our ancient Sistene Chapel, turning it into some kind of a coporate function hall serving booze and food. He demonstrates not an ounce of respect for the treasure over which he was appointed temporary custodian, including the Deposit of Faith. A treasure which does not belong to him.

Words could never convey the gratitude I feel for Cardinal Burke's devoted service to Christ and His Church. In some ways, he will be much freer to speak and lead us through this crucible from Malta.

He said something the other day that I've been thinking about. So

mething like, if it turns out the Cardinals write a document that contradicts Church teaching, he would know where we were.

I've been thinking about what it would mean and where we are in the journey of Christ's Mystical Body. I wonder if we are in the Garden of Gethesemene and Christ's Body is about to be seized.

I don't know - but I don't think it's good. Wherever we are, stay put, and keep your powder dry.

Here's a great suggestion from Fr. N:

Dear Little Crackerjack;

Cardinal Burke has asked us to pray the Chaplet of the Holy Face for the Extraordinary Synod on the Family. You can find it here. Devotion to the Holy Face is simply greater devotion to the Sacred Heart.

Pray the chaplet HERE

Be sure to watch for my special videos coming from Rome next week, as I attempt to capture something of the spirit of the Extraordinary Synod of the Family. Sign up your friends and family to receive these special messages, and enrol them in the Seven Roman Masses that I will offer for the Crackerjack Club. Share this email with them, and encourage them to go to to sign up!

Watch my homily for October 18th, and be sure to share it with your friends ... because faith grows by sharing it!

God bless you and Mary keep you;

Fr. Paul Nicholson

By-the-bye, Fr. N's facebook status was the following - and I couldn't agree more!

I shall land in Rome tomorrow just in time for a great hornet's nest explosion! Stay calm my little crackerjacks! Rome has seen many hornets! Wheels up!

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