Friday, October 17, 2014

URGENT - Please Follow Link Below to Send Petition to Pope Francis and Synod Fathers -- Share, Post and Encourage Others

Our friends at BCI have set up an incredibly simple urgent petition to the Synod Fathers, urging them to defend the Faith.

Kindly note, one you fill in your information, the petition will take you to a separate page where you will review information to make sure it's correct - then you hit "send emails".

After you've done it yourself, please share, email, post and encourage others to send the message.

As many TTC readers have already discovered, George Soros - the man who funded the culture of death which was ha proven to be incredibly destructive to the family, has found Pope Francis to have a such a similar agenda to his own - he is funding a petition to help Pope Francis roll out their mutual agenda in the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis and George Soros are on the same culture warrior team helping children of Catholic families.

Soros would make a good speaker at Pope Francis 2015 Synod on the He's an expert in the field of finding value in adultery.

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StevenD-Jasper said...


Soros is a sneaky, evil man.