Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Synod Day 3 Extra: Pope Admits Heretical Circus is "only the first PUSH" against "supposed interpretations of dogma"

Pope Francis has stated that the Church “must not withdraw into dogma”

Oh heavens no. Why would parents go to Church with their children expecting priests to teach dogma!

The Pope said times they are a changing, people are not getting married, these are their new habits, so what, the Church is supposed to make them feel comfortable with adultery.

"Don't expect a decision next week … This is only the initial push.”

They made up their mind a long time ago - they were going to drop the bird turds on the hoods of our car and let time corrode Church teaching.

You push. We shove.

Then we'll shove some more.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Let me do a little word substitution. "must not withdraw into Christ's immutable commands and teachings". That's what he's really saying.

StevenD-Jasper said...

I think we're in trouble here. Our leaders in the church are of the world, not Christ. It's all very depressing.

Joe Potillor said...

I will not comply with this push to destroy the Catholic Faith, I will resist

Left-footer said...

I long ago stopped paying any attention to anything this Pope says. He seems randomly orthodox and heterodox, without any sense of the effect he is having on his flock. His sidekicks are no better.

JB said...

Whooo boy this guy really thinks he's God's gift to the Church. All before him has been narrow and wrong. The chutzpah is breathtaking.

The Church's dogmas are things of great beauty. They are a gift. Not something to be ashamed of as he clearly is.

Anonymous said...

They sure are doing a lot of talking. Seriously, what church did Francis grow up in? Just think, this is going to go on for another year! Oh just wait until Sean comes back and Advent begins, FYI, they always implement changes then or Lent that's when the Holiday Catholics come back, oh I'm sorry I should be more forgiving...

Happy Roman Catholic said...

I think our leaders in the Church are in trouble. Me and my family will follow the Lord.
I pray all my neighbors' do likewise for their own salvation