Thursday, October 9, 2014

Synod Day 4: Gradualism... When your children need a condom, the bishops are going to 'walk with them' to CVS to give a boost to their confidence.

I think we all have a snowball's chance in hell of getting any spiritual direction during this pontificate. According to Bishop Kurtz, the bishops job is keeping us entertained on the way to doing something destructive.

"We all agree on what is right or wrong," he continued. "The question becomes, As a good pastor, how do you accompany people as they embrace and make as a good habit that gift of gradualism?"

Who "we"?

Does he mean them?

Because the people whose minds are overshadowed with the consequences of mortal sin certainly do not agree what is right and what is wrong.

That's what the family feud is all about.

Our children's minds have been perverted to believe what's right is wrong and what's wrong is right.

It's almost as if they don't have the faintest idea how mortal sin obstructs sound judgment on right and wrong and the only thing that can fix that predicament is remorse, the Sacrament of Confession and abstaining from repeating the sin again.

Here is Carol telling her children Catholics do not live together before marriage - and the Pope is out in the public square saying the times are a changing and so what if they live together.

I heroically hung in there giving the Pope the benefit of the doubt months after he announced he doesn't believe there is such a thing is right judgment in temptation with same sex attraction.

As a woman with a great deal of contacts with practicing Catholics - I don't know anyone who agrees with the Pope on what is right and what is wrong. Not a single person.

What is Bishop Kurtz talking about?

Speaking of theology, the fix is in on circumventing 2000 years of the Deposit of Faith.

They are going to 'rethink' it.

The buffoonery in this story is jaw dropping.

Canadian Archbishop Paul-André Durocher said The Holy Spirit wasn't enlightening first 2000 years of theologians, but they finally got their answers from a 'study' at Harvard University.

"And we're only, in a sense, starting to learn how to do this as church leaders," he said. "And this is going to take time for us, to learn to do this and together to come -- as we reflect on this -- to find what is the way that God is showing."

His reflections, which came at the end of the 70-minute briefing, may suggest a change in how bishops develop theological thought, which in the past has typically followed deductive methods of authors such as Aristotle and St. Thomas Aquinas over inductive methods used in systems like pastoral, or even liberation, theology.

You will note Cardinal Meuller correcting their nonsense.

He better watch his step or he will find himself in some God forsaken jungle in charge of Ebola!

A word to the wise - if it contradicts what He taught the first 4000 years, it isn't Him, it's the other guy.


Left-footer said...

You have written just what was needed. I am sick of pretended compassion, which is simply an easy way out, just as I am sick of the mentally corrupt clergy who indulge in it.

God bless!

TTC said...

Thanks Chris.

It is a lousy situation. The last thing we needed in this day and time.

Anonymous said... have been very responsible in your observations concerning this papacy . Its all quite clear at least to me...we are living through the Apostacy spoken of by Our Lady and our duty is to pray fervently the rosary as She has asked. God Bless you dear heart.

Felix said...

If St Nicholas (aka Santa Claus) had been there, he would have punched one of these heretical bishops on the nose. (As he did at the Council of Nicea.)

JB said...

By golly it's just amazing that there were any saints before Vatican II, this Synod and Pope Francis.

How did they ever manage it without all the pastoral, gradual approaches to the moral life now being advocated?

Franics would not have approved of St. Pio's "judgmental" style in the confessional, no. Even though people lined up for a mile to confess to him.

They have it all backwards and it's making me queasy.

Anonymous said...

It's so clear now why the got rid of Benedict! As I recall regarding the direction of the church, " if it meant a smaller more holier church so be it" . Years ago the church preached Heaven, Hell and Purgatory, then just Heaven and Hell, to be more sensitive to the "Community", now it's only Heaven, since God is all merciful He will forgive in the end...I just hope all my non practicing Catholic friends and relatives are too busy getting ready for the Patriots game and sports Sunday then what is going on in Rome.
Again, it's time for those Saints in Heaven to come down and help us out here! Pray, pray pray, it's obvious there's not much of that going on in Rome.

Steve Dalton said...

Felix, if St. Nick could have been at this synod, it would have been a royal rumble!

Anonymous said...

A little bit of sanity coming out of the synod: