Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Synod Day 8 Extra: A False Message Got Out

Bishops not taking a shine to Pope Francis Synod Spinola

VATICAN CITY One of the prelates participating in the Synod of Bishops on the family has sharply criticized the landmark document the meeting released Monday, saying its message of openness to modern society has put the prelates in "a position that is virtually irredeemable."
"The message has gone out: This is what the synod is saying, this is what the Catholic church is saying," South African Cardinal Wilfrid Napier said at a Vatican press conference Tuesday.

"And it's not what we're saying at all," Napier said. "No matter how we try correcting that ... there's no way of retrieving it."

"The message has gone out and it's not a true message," he continued. "Whatever we say hereafter is going to be as if we're doing some damage control."

Bear with me for a moment.

If I thought Church teaching led people away from Jesus and  obsolete, and I was the host of a room full of bishops faithful to Church teaching and I wanted to do damage control of their message, I would hand pick a handful of bishops known to distort and mislead Christ's people and I would ask them to calibrate the message.

The Relatio is Pope Francis damage control.  

Now the Bishops have to do damage control of Pope Francis damage control.

Every time he opens his mouth or does something, or doesn't when he ought to, thousands of people get going on the damage control.


Anonymous said...

Just sent an email to,the American nuncio Archbishop Carlo Vicano expressing my extreme dismay with this scandalous gathering of churchmen! I know it probably was an effort in futility . I'm praying as Cardinal Burke has requested and will continue to do so, but I just had to let them know how horrified I am by their behavior and that this scandal is effecting the lives of the uncatechised as well as the properly catechisized. Our Lady of Fatima told little Jacinta that souls of poor sinners were falling into hell like so many snowflakes....someone needs to remind the Bishop of Rome about the Sorrows of Our Lady!

JB said...

It's the Synod on homosexuality and adultery. Enough said really. Totally unnecessary. All pastoral norms in dealing with both cases were already well established. This is the "dark and false" church prophesied beginning to emerge. It all started in March 2013 with the creepy "Good Evening."

Anonymous said...

When these bozos pulled this on us with VII we didn't have Internet access....this time arround we do and many of us are doing our research at solid Catholic sources. the pastors who will try to snow parishoners with forked tongued garble might just have a surprise waiting for them.

JB said...

Ok this is all I need to know about Cardinal Kasper. He's know telling African bishops to basically shut up about homosexuality:

"Cardinal Kasper also discussed his views on the synod, and appeared to suggest that African views on homosexuality -- where the issue remains a taboo -- are not listened to by the Western delegates in the assembly. Noting how “impossible” it is for Western delegates to comment on African issues, he said likewise “they should not tell us too much what we have to do.”

Anonymous said...

Racist Cardinal Kasper now wants Black African Cardinals to SHUT UP........ same with Asians and Cardinal Burke...... just shut up and obey Uberman Kasper !

He proved that he is more than simply stupid .... he is ignorant as well.