Saturday, November 8, 2014

Dancing with the Maroons

Sorry for the silence!

I've been catching up with some knitting and home projects to prep for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

I have been keeping up with major news. The situation in catechesis is catastrophic. I am sure you have experienced the Pope Francis licenses for adultery in your own family and world. Relatives and friends who were hanging onto truth by a string have been cut loose by the demonic forces who haven risen all around us to mock Christ's Church.

I've read all the things Pope Francis is now suddenly saying to advance a counterfeit deposit of faith. Of all the things that floor me, the conniving sneakiness of the roll out of this agenda, now obvious to me, really takes the cake.

He intentionally kept it all hidden and worked behind the scenes to line up the apostates to build the counterfeit teachings they planned and plotted to lower upon us all in a big "TADA".  He carefully kept his intentions well-hidden so that they could lower the agenda on us with a sonic boom at the synod knowing it would create chaos.

Looking back on it now, it slithers and hisses like a snake.

I could not bring myself to watch the Cardinal O'Malley's canonization of Mayor Menino at the funeral but I read and heard the disgraceful display the quislings put on in the public square.

The practicing Catholics I know don't even know who they were talking about as they experienced a vindictive vicious man who persecuted Christ's followers and sexualized children.

Cardinal O'Malley said Mayor Menino always put his faith first.

Mayor Menino organized a 'prom' and invited children as young as 13 years old and handed out materials on homosexual sex and condoms.

I am assuming Cardinal O'Malley believes this to be a shining example of putting catholic teaching front and center.

A few years back, Mayor Menino divulged that he was ensuring that business owners who believe marriage is a Sacrament preserved for a woman and man were denied business licenses.

You read that right.

Mayor Menino said there were ways to stop people who hold these beliefs from earning wages and he was behind the scenes making sure we can't operate a business in Boston.

I won't bore you with the immorality, licentiousness, contraception and abortion Mayor Menino pushed while enthroned as Mayor, but one is forced to draw the conclusion that Cardinal O'Malley believes this is how a Catholic should persuade others what Catholic teaching is all about.

A Catholic Cardinal would take the life of a man who demoralized and sexualized children and stand in the public square and say this is how you put the Catholic religion "first".

Pope Francis style, I suppose.

Fr. Connolly, pastor at the parish The Mayor had the Rite of Christian Burial from, who I thought had more sense in his head, reported to the press that there is an old joke about living your life so the priest won't have to lie at your funeral. He said mayor Menino lived his life so that priests wouldn't have to lie. He let the current Mayor stand in the Sanctuary and announce the work Mayor Menino did to advance gay marriage was priceless. He then let them roll the casket out onto the Church steps where they piped in Frank Sinatra to sing "I did it my way".

I kid you not. They all stood there with their hankies on the front steps of our Church singing what is a man, what has he got, if not himself then he has naught. Standing on the steps outside the Price of our souls salvation singing about how the corpse in the casket did it his own way. What a mockery of our religion and the sacred Rite of Christian Burial.

Better stock up on popcorn and lemonade, The Pope Francis show is commencing at your local parish, Dancing with the Maroons.


Michael Davitt said...

"Looking back on it now, it slithers and hisses like a snake."

So True!! So True!! So True!!!

Thank you.

StevenD-Jasper said...

Cardinal O'Malley, the weakling. what a disgrace.

Lynne said...

Most Precious Blood parish in Hyde Park? Isn't Father Ron Coyne the pastor there? You've written about him before... That must be a swell parish.