Saturday, November 8, 2014

Open letter to Cardinal Burke


November 7, 2014

Dear Cardinal Burke,

Thank you doesn't adequately express the gratitude I feel for the witness of your magnificat.

You were in the right place in the right time to demonstrate the kind of love that will pay any price for the Truth.   We so desperately needed the example of the sacrificial love for Christ and His Church that is not for sale for any role, threat of persecution, dismissal.

You have eloquently expressed your respect for the Holy Father through it all.  I hope you know how much fruit that bore.  Those of us whose children and loved ones are being misled by the things Pope Francis is saying and not saying, doing and not doing, have struggled with respect.   It is difficult to respect a man who is robbing your children of their salvation.  I would have more respect for their murderer.   The way you have conducted yourself has made a difference to me and many others.

There is a rugged road ahead.   Many, many Catechized families who live their lives using the Sacraments to fight temptation, purge sin and maintain a state of Sacramental Grace have been so scandalized they are in danger of seeking refuge with the schismatics.

Nothing but open, honest and candid evaluation of the scandal and the witness and expression of remaining on the Ark of the Covenant come what may is going to help them through this storm.

Denial and silence sends them to the schismatics who openly discuss the scandal but have fallen into despair and abandoned Christ.   The number of solid Catholics contemplating this as a refuge is catastrophic.  The situation needs your continued open witness and leadership.

You are being bound and led to where you do not want to go so you can feed the sheep.

I am sorry for the loss and pain this situation has brought upon you but know you would not have done it unless you knew it was a cheap price to pay for the Price of our salvation.

Find a way to publish steady guidance on the Internet.   Use media sources to get newsworthy responses into the press.  

Get ready for the irony of the uncatechized to use the word "disgraced" to caricature the sacrifice you made for Sacramental Grace.

I know your love for Christ will not let you waste time at a pity party and so we look forward to you getting settled into your new role, and I am not talking about the one in Malta!

A thousand thank yous for helping our children and loved ones navigate through the storm.


Anonymous said...

I second everything you've said here - hoping Cardinal Burke will read, God Bless and Protect YOU, Cardinal Burke! Please don't stay hidden in Malta.

Anonymous said...

Champagne corks are popping in many liberal sites around the world; for example, Michael Sean Winters at the National Catholic Reporter: "The demotion is unprecedented, and completely warranted."

TTC said...

The real ramifications are how Pope Francis demotion affects our ability to uphold the deposit of faith with the people we love. It is insidious.

Anonymous said...

My expectation is that under Cardinal Burke's patronage the Knights of Malta are about become even more active and influential. John the Mad