Sunday, December 7, 2014

Another Book Hailing Pope Francis as the Great Radical Who Has Come to Reform 2000 Years of Church Teaching

The meme for the book goes something like this:

The first humble and loving Pope ever elected to the Catholic Church, who is trying his best to debunk the Catechism and welcome adultery, is embattled with conspiracy theories over his election. There is a powerful group of Catholics coming to grips with the two years of a papacy about appointing notorious heretics to lead theology on the family, propaganda coming out of a synod that had been obviously published beforehand in every language known to mankind and passed out to the press before the bishops were allowed to review what the Pope alleged they said, a final document ordered released with heresy that was voted out, with the Pope waving goodbye and blowing kisses at it while implying Jesus isn't afraid to put a mask of virtue on adultery as something new--and they are    ...wondering how Captain Quigg got elected, questioning the validity of his papacy.

They are watching the apostate Marx, a man hand-selected by the Pope to lead theology on the family, state his intention in national newspapers to "allow" Church employees in Germany to shack up with a same-sex lover--and watching the Pope sit in silence to those egregious errors where many will lose their salvation, while he is focusing his energies on insulting, purging and taking actions against those who are saying the apostates are spiritually dangerous persons, and people who are trying to control the chaos of his Ferris Bueller's Day Off Papacy, and saying to themselves, "Whoah baby, there is something more than a couple of loose screws going on here!"

Yes, I think that is an accurate description of the sentiment among Sacramental and Eucharistic people.

I personally accept the validity of his election, though I do subscribe to the theory that corrupt Cardinals probably hijacked the election.  There is just too much pollution flowing over the dam.

But it is indisputable that those us who know the truth when we hear it, and have not heard it yet from this Pope, have branded him.

We are watching the show to see who the players are, and they are being branded--the shepherds and the wolves.  There is a third branding--the village idiots--and the Inn for that group is filled to capacity.

This a blip on the screen and we are ready and waiting in every parish and apostolate with our branding irons.

As we used to say as children after the game of hiding was over, "ollie-ollie-entry" fellas!

Come to mommy!


Anonymous said...

The assault against the unchanging, immutable teachings of the faith began long before VII and Pope Pius X gave us the means to recognize the demolition crew in his Encyclical Pacendi. In all seriousness we must pray for Bishop Francis and his cronies because they won't be too thrilled with what awaits them ... (from his God of Surprises)..if they don't come to conversion.

TTC said...

The God of surprises...I forgot about that quote!

Thank you for the reminder for prayer.

I do lift our Holy Father in prayer, mostly at the Sacred Liturgy, and I do hope all readers here are doing the same. But I know I could be praying more and appreciate the reminder.

Anonymous said...

The "apostate hand-selected by the Pope to lead theology on the family" is Kasper not Marx although Marx is also one of the German apostates hand-selected by the Pope for the C8-group.

I´m German and I can assure you that we have a lot of apostates here who destroyed the Church.