Saturday, December 6, 2014

Pope Francis vs. the Wolves

This story on CNN really captures the fruit of the tree of Pope Francis:

Pope Francis has been trying so hard to a fresh face on adultery and gay marriage but there are people inside of the Church who are against the poor dear.   He faces many hard days ahead fighting Catholics holding into the fairy tale that adultery and gay marriage are sins that obstruct your salvation and require the Sacrament if Confession and firm purpose of amending your life to remove that obstruction.   These Catholics are wolves keeping adulterers away from the Church.   Pope Francis is fighting these wolves.

I use to wonder how the Pope would sleep at night knowing how this ruptures the family.  He's got to know that the children reading conclude their parents trying to uphold Church teaching are the wolverines, according to the messeges given by the Pope.

I don't find myself wondering any more.

The message Church teaching is the wolf is his shtick to make himself popular.

He knows this will destroy relationships in the family, by he is what is important in this scenario..  If they like what he is saying to approve sleeping around, they will love him and the mission of love is accomplished.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph had it all wrong.

You don't run from politicians who slay and murder.

You honor them in ceremonies and the Sacred Liturgy.

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Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

The title of this book is "Francis Among the Wolves". They got that right! God forgive me, but right now he seems to be leading the pack.