Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Blessed Advent

I am still knitting and preparing for Advent and Christmas, spending time with family, friends and in prayer. Hope you are all weathering the storm well.

The world has gone stark-raving mad, hasn't it?

Every time the Pope opens his mouth, he reveals himself. There is no shortage of evidence. LOL.

The kookery is starting to creep into homilies in unexpected places. I am too sick to my stomach to bear witness to the Tom Foolery at this juncture. Just keeping poor Christ company and building stamina for the battle ahead.

Keep your eyes peeled for the devil. He is in high gear. It is easy to miss his subtle presence and wiles. At times like these, it is wise to be proactive.

I am watching the celebrations of the destruction of the United States with much reluctance. The stupidity of the people is breathtaking.

I read a missive from the government yesterday that said the illegals would be getting social security and Medicare, etc. - making the economic collapse inevitable.

What does Cardinal O'Malley care?

He  doesn't have to make ends meet with our shrinking paychecks and rising burdens of the socialism that breaks the backs of working people until the entire country is poverty-stricken and we are all reliant on the tyrants of the communist politicians they swoon over.

These are the characters in the Gospel who set unbearable burdens upon the shoulders of the people without lifting a finger to help.   And, as they do it, they deprive the people of the teachings of the Church or worse, they twist and pervert them. 

Did you see the latest from Pope Francis' appointee to oversee the salvation of his people in Chicago?

He states the Blessed Sacrament is good for politicians who lawyer up laws that execute infants.

That's right sirs.

Belly right up to sacreligious communion.

It will be as good for you as it was for Judas. And it couldn't happen to nicer people.

Watching the folly of their political publicity stunts, praising the outcome of the fifty years they spent destroying our country and now our Church sure gives me a special feeling.

Get the popcorn and lemonade for the three-ring circus in Rome. It's going to get worse before it gets better.

Keep your powder dry kiddies and keep close to the Sacraments.

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