Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Pope Francis' Hand-Picked Episcopal Theologians on the Family Mull "Policy" for Church Employees to Live in Homosexual Unions

Before it's over, I suspect they'll announce they are taking advantage of the "policy" in a big TADA!

This is where Pope Francis cartoon caricature that a Pope doesn't make judgements will really come in handy for them.

Do you suppose this was the "new thing" Jesus was not afraid to try?

What a disaster.

I think the best we can hope for is that the Pope won't help them with their agenda or passive-aggressively publish their talking points at the synod and tell us Jesus isn't afraid of having us all take a cowboy for a ride if we are "lonely".

A pity he does not know the company of Christ or if he does, he is not interested enough to introduce it to his starving lambs.

Another disgusting revelation of the theology behind this papacy, IMO.

But this too shall pass!

Happy Thanksgiving all!!

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