Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cheap Discourse about the Church of Nice

I've had this post cooking for some time but didn't have the time it deserves.  I still don't but I did want to get something posted because of a comment on the blog yesterday on this post.

The post was about the hypocrisy of a sermon about avoiding gossip from a Pope whose main focus has been using gossip and insults to shape and carry out his agenda of a camp where Church teaching is the enemy of Christ's people.

We are most familiar with this agenda.   We have experienced it for decades.

The agenda withholds from all of It's people teaching the beauty and joy in living our lives in accordance with Church teaching so we can have access to the Sanctifying Grace Christ gave His life to bequeath to us.

The reason they withhold from thousands who come to hear it is, there may be one person in the audience who may take offense to Church teaching and they won't come back.

The parish starts out with everyone having access to the tools for Sanctifying Grace.  This one person who comes is without sanctifying Grace.   To attract this one person, they withhold Church teaching and start saying things publicly to make everyone in the audience believe Church teaching is outdated and it's ok to sleep around with anyone you want.

The children of the thousands of families in the parish take those lessons and apply them to making judgments when they have urges to act on sexual temptation.

In almost every family, the children shoot a flare of warning across their parents bow before they do it.  They make know what the teacher, priest, bishop, pope said about making judgments on urges to have sex:  It's no longer necessary to say no if you feed the poor and are nice to people.

We go back to the teacher, priest, bishop, pope, to tell them how what they didn't say and said has affected our children, how it will impact the choices they make, which we know will result in severing themselves from the Sanctifying Grace they need for right judgment and ask them to correct their understanding.

They don't and won't.

Our children or loved ones eventually follow the advice of this teacher,priest, bishop, pope. The damage to their moral compass leads to mortal sin and they lose the benefits of right judgment. They get into all kinds of trouble. We continue to beg for help from the teacher, priest, bishop, pope.

What we get in return at best is silence and at worst, ruthless slander and exile.

The once-filled Church full of people bound to Christ through Sanctifying Grace stop going to Church.

A mother tells this to a Pope and he tells her there isn't a need to go to Church anymore if you're a good person. No need for the pursuit of truth. No need for right judgment. No need for the Sacraments and Sanctifying Grace. No need to be connected or intimate with prayer and Christ. You can do it all yourself now, if you are nice.

I am still praying for that poor exasperated mother who went all the way to the top of the food chain and was handed this piece of drivel.

We call this the "Church of Nice".

They are anything but nice.  They are nasty, gossiping, insulting brutes who will not hesitate to slander, threaten, exile anyone who informs their conscience about what they are doing and asks them to stop.   The fact that they do it under a veil of virtue is deception the devil uses to throttle the agenda.

Prior to this pontificate, we had a structure where we knew we would eventually get help.

But the Pope is now running this camp.  He is turning the entire structure of the Church over to it from the Chair of Peter.

He has hand-selected those who have been doing it to us for years and they are tactically going about dismantling Christ's Church as the Institution that delivers Sanctifying Grace.

Those of us exposing what the Pope is doing from the Chair of Peter will not be dissuaded from letting the Pope know in the public square that we see what he is doing and we will not hesitate to expose the perversion of our children's moral compasses.  Under any circumstances.

The reasons we will not be dissuaded is, it is not about him.  It is about the Baptismal promises we made.  It is about the marriage vows we took.

It is about the promises we made to Christ to preserve the tools of salvation for the next generation and the generation after.

It is about our own children and loved ones.

You want ugly brother - you can take this to the bank:  Until you bind your own hands to Church teaching and consecrate our children in it - you're going to get it.   And you have not begun to see the whites of our eyes so gird your loins.

Here was the comment I'd like to address:

I thought you people didn't like the church of nice? - this should have been right up your alley.

Ok Mr. Grinch, here's you're come to Jesus on that cannard:

I don't take kindly to your acumen and cheap caricature of what is really happening.

It implies that those of us who don't and wont cooperate with the institution of the perversion of the moral compasses from the Chair of Peter don't want to be kind, affectionate, loving and merciful.  It implies the Church hasn't been kind, affectionate, loving and merciful for the first 2000 years and we oppose it's introduction because we want to keep people who struggle with sin out of the Church by being nasty to them.

I don't take kindly to it not only because it does a disservice to the truth, but it does a terrible disservice to the sinners we are trying to attract who have been tempted away from the tools for Sanctifying Grace and salvation -- which ultimately is a disservice to Christ.

I saw this quote from Bishop Chris Coyne and thought how simply and beautifully it expresses the charity and love of Christ and His Church:

The bishop said he was happy to welcome lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people to the church, but that he was obligated to give the church’s teaching that homosexual behavior is sinful. “I want to do it in a way that’s not hurtful, though sometimes by its very nature it’s hurtful,” he said.

This is something the Pope should have and would have expressed two years ago if it were his intention to do it.

His omissions and commission of the Church of Nice for two years makes his agenda perfectly clear.

We all recognize the agenda because we have lived it for fifty years.

I know it is difficult to watch the Pope's agenda being exposed. But expose it we shall. Worthy is the Lamb.

If you want to slander us, make a cartoon caricature out of the truth, you knock yourselves out. But we will sweep you up and expose you too because what you are doing is wrong and scandalous.

That may not feel very nice because it is unpleasant. Just like the police having to shoot somebody who points a gun at them, when a person poised themselves to hurt another person, actions have to be taken that stop them from harming other people. Especially the people and Church we love. There is a slaying of souls going on and it has escalated to spiritual genocide of a generation of souls from the Holy See.

Any mother or grandmother worth her grain of salt will do everything in their power to stop the agenda in its tracks. Thank God for the Internet and blogs. Exposing it is free.

Merry Christmas to all!

p.s. - I have noticed several stories emerging from the David Clohessy crowd about Bishop Coyne and also noticed a few stories in our own camp taking things he's said out of context.

Bishop Coyne is one of the most honorable men I have ever met in my history of a mother trying to preserve the tools of salvation for her own children. True, we didn't always see eye-to-eye on strategy and policy or Liturgy and had a few spats. But he is man who loves and pursues the truth at all costs. He is incapable of clericalism.

The people of Vermont have been blessed with a good and faithful shepherd.

The stories from Clohessy are b.s. Anyone who ever stood in the same room and breathed the same oxygen with Cardinal Law is accused of corruption. Cardinal Law had his flaws but he wasn't responsible for the stupidity of believing in the redemption of someone who sexually seduced children. That is something that manifested in every family or community who was and is burdened by one. We have several teachers in town with a long history of sexual debauchery with students. All the children flock to them. They are popular with the parents of most. Nothing ever changes. We just use the dysfunction of it when it's convenient to bring about a desired outcome. The desired outcome was exiling Law so a group of dissident priests could get gay marriage effected into law and bring about what we now see foisted at the Holy See.

Give the devil his due - they were successful.


Chloe said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Happy Christmas! You've cheered me up no end. Xxxxx

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

"Those of us exposing what the Pope is doing from the Chair of Peter will not be dissuaded from letting the Pope know in the public square that we see what he is doing and we will not hesitate to expose the perversion of our children's moral compasses. Under any circumstances."


Netmilsmom said...

God Bless you!
You took the words right out of my mouth.

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This blog is a gem......keep up the good work and thank you!