Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Main cause of funeral face discovered: Listening to drivel

Have you read the 15 flaws of bishops yet?:

my, my, my, my, my, my, my poker faces

If I had fly to St Peter's Square and sit in a room listening to that drivel, I'd have a funeral face too.

I don't know why, but as soon as I am in a situation and I'm forced to listen to drivel, there is something about squeezing the bridge of my nose that helps me get through it.

Seriously, if you have a see of bishops in a room, telling them they are planning too much and overworking themselves probably shouldn't be included in a final version of talking points.

It's right up there with "stop being so brave" and "eat more food".

I have a post cooking--15 reasons why everyone is giving Pope Francis the stinkeye.


Viva Cristo Rey said...

Well said........I love Francis our Pope but some of the things he does just don't make any sense.

I have also see many statements from atheists, homosexuals, abortion supporters, secular progressives saying how much they like this new Pope.

The one thing I have NEVER heard, read, seen or come across is any of the new pope lovers say "I will take a new look at the teachings of Jesus" or even mention the name of Jesus........it seems to be only about the popularity of Francis and how his leftism can be used to strengthen the progressive culture....never about coming to Christ.

Joe Potillor said...

Can't wait for your post on the 15 insults.

Anonymous said...

I thought you people didn't like the church of nice? - this should have been right up your alley.

TTC said...

The church of nice is nasty people saying their conduct is nice. We don't like it. This is it.

Damask Rose said...

In this instance, I find myself agreeing with Pope Francis...

TTC said...


Some of the things he mentioned exist in the Church. It's the ambiguity of to whom it applies. It's the hypocrisy of basing the actions of entire pontificate upon the gossip that the problem has been priests and teachers have been obsessively teaching moral teachings of the Church. It's his priorities of focusing on trying to fix the kind of faces he sees in his audience after he says or does something instead of fixing the errors misleading his people.

He has a bizzaro world going on where he spent a year identifying bad as good and good as bad and now has identified ahead of us the 15 things he wants to fix based upon his farcical conclusions that it isn't the nuns on the bus that are the funeral faces it's the parents asking them to stop teaching it and leading them into temptation, upsetting the hierarchy.

In other words, its the deception that gets to me....