Saturday, December 20, 2014

Papal "Diplomacy" with Herod and Hitler

I have not had the time to put together a post on Pope Francis political move to turn a blind eye and give the nudge and the wink to the ruthless and murdering regime in Cuba and help Obama and the commies in the United States spread communism here.  I probably won't get to it until after Christmas but I did want to point out that local commie Jackie Connors was spearheading the arrangement:

I bet money was funneled into Church coffers somewhere.

More on how Connors took control of the Boston diocese and castrated the Cardinal with money, and then took over control of Catechesis after Christmas, but I will say this--the disclosure of the partnership of Connors with Pope Francis, and the corruption at the synod and Catechesis may be more than coincidence.

Frankly, I would like more  info on the unexplained pot of money found by Cardinal Pell.

The dismantling of Church Structure in Rome and the corruption of catechesis coming from the Chair of Peter looks and sounds very familiar to Bostonians.

I am not into conspiracy theories and have paid little attention to chatter about Pope Francis election But the more I see this unravel and see the characters connected to it, I start to wonder how Bergolio got elected.

The deal brokered with Cuba puts substantive context to Pope Francis constant communist chit chat.  His ties to Jack Connors--knowing what Connors did in Boston, knowing he was instrumental in getting Barack Hussein elected -- the whole thing is starting to have a very smelly smell. Connor power at the Globe, the strange launching of Crux with Cardinal O'Malley,the Donilons put in charge of diocesan communications,the appointment of O'Malley to the team dismantling the Curia and its replacement with laity...

Now we learn Cardinal O'Malley,Connors and Pope Francis were formally plugging Castro and communism into America.

What's next? Diplomatic relations with the Taliban?

What is the Pope doing asking for terrorists to be freed from GITMO?

Something is really off.

I keep going back to the deception of his first year,  sneakiness of what was really happening with Kasper and Marx and when they set their agenda in motion at the synod, how he pretended he was a disinterested and innocent bystander.   More than anything else this is what really keeps informing my gut that this is being manipulated by somebody. At the end of the day, it's the devil.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

I don't like conspiracy stuff either, but if it looks and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck. His jibes against traditional Catholics are now seen in a new light, for those Catholics tend to be anti-socialist as opposed to the libs who skulk through the halls of the USCCB. In addition to Connors, I also sense the influence of the DC diocese puppet-masters as well.

Anonymous said...

Just a further comment on Jack Connors in Boston -- he set up the Mary Connors Center for Women's Health and Gender Biology at BWH. BWH, Planned Parenthood and Harvard School of Public Health have Family Planning fellows (yes, abortion). It is overviewed in the latest edition of the PPLM Advocate "The achievements of PPLM’s research program rest
partly on the work of its Family Planning Fellows. The
Harvard Family Planning Fellowship, a collaboration
between PPLM, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and the
Harvard School of Public Health, provides clinical and
research training to physicians who have completed a
residency in OB/GYN. Each fellow completes an original
research project with support from the Society of Family
Planning, a nonprofit dedicated to improving sexual and
reproductive health.".
Link to BWH, Mary Connors, FP fellowships page:

Anonymous said...

Just read the linked article. O'Malley again! He's always in the news. Who can forget this summer's photo-op with Deval Patrick on housing illegal immigrants in Massachusetts. O'Malley was standing right there behind Deval in the midst of former PPLM Board member Deval Patrick's dismantling of the June, 2013 unanimous SJC decision against the 35 foot buffer zone at abortion clinics. Former Chairman USCCB Committee on Pro-Life Activities, Cardinal O'Malley -- the height of pro-life hypocrisy!!

Anonymous said...

TTC asks, "What is the Pope doing asking for terrorists to be freed from GITMO?"

Maybe to ask the US to give it to the Cuban Commies - so that they can house their political prisoners there?

Anonymous said...

Damask Rose said...

I don't know about you, but I think some serious shit is going to hit-the-fan in 2017, Our Lady of Fatima's Centenary.

Anonymous said...

Another grave concern, given current news: did Pope Francis play any role whatsoever in negotiating the artificial insemination of Hernandez wife? We probably will never know for sure.

TTC said...

I published your statement to memorialize how repulsive the Pope Francis crowd actually is.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please explain this papacy to me? I'm at a loss as to what to think. Leaving the Church isn't an option, but I'm starting to think that sitting home on Sundays is. My diocese is absolutely in love with this man. Just two weeks ago, we had a woman from Catholic Charities give us a talk and tell us "we've been praying for a pope like this for so very long."

Anonymous said...

Please do not skip Mass. It is going to be painful, but don't allow these elements to push you away from Mass. You can however not give your diocese a dime. You can make other offerings of talent and resources elsewhere. We are living a dry martyrdom.

TTC said...

I meant to respond to this last night and got distracted. Thank God for diligent readers here who won't let a brother or sister fall through a crack!

Never, ever, ever let the devil drive you to the despair of giving up the Body and Blood of Christ!

If anything, increase the days you go!