Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pope Francis Explains Why Bishops Teaching Heresy is Healthy for the Salvation of Children

Just two days after Pope Francis told the Catholic Church's top theologians that they need to listen to the "signs of the times" and consider the needs of ordinary Catholics, an interview published on Sunday by La Nación showed us a few examples of what he meant.

I have read this article explaining the Pope's position and I still can't figure out what he thinks went awry for the 2000 years before him and what 'changes' he wants to implement.

For example, do you remember the German Bishops the Pope hand-selected to more fully explain his theology on helping us all out in the modern culture?

The Pope said they aren't talking about gay marriage - heavens no.

The Germans, who luckily enough for us have been more fully explaining why the Pope thinks their theology are the sexual talking points of his papacy in the modern world, have clarified the movement trying to move the Church out o the dark ages of the antiquity of Its teachings on human sexuality, marriage and the Sacraments is 'mulling over "allowing" Church employees to shack up with same-sex partners'

So don't you go worrying your pretty little heads about a Catholic Pope telling gay Catholic children they can get married. Why that would be preposterous.

So, here's one of the quotes from the Pope from the article linked at the top of this post.

Get your hand positoned to scratch your head.

Are you ready?

He told La Nación that gay marriage was not mentioned, but that the discussion focused on how to help the family of a homosexual child ("we have to find a way to help that father or that mother to stand by their son or daughter").

When same-sex attracted children come to us to tell us they want to act upon same-sex urges and seek our approval, they simply have to finda way to 'help' mothers and fathers "stand by" their children.

Isn't that sweet?

They are getting rid of the burden of parents to stand by God.

Looks like they are shying away from finding ways for priests to give a "pastoral" tactical nod to heterosexual children shacking up.

Do you think they think there is no such thing as attraction to having sex with the opposite sex in the modern world?

It was always taboo to openly talk about who we are attracted to having sex with outside of the Sacrament of Marriage. Should we invent a flag for it and organize a parade?

If we act like we don't feel welcome maybe we can get the Pope to stand by heterosexual promiscuity. Why should we get left out of the modern papal pastoral practice of the obstruction of absolution in the Sacrament of Penance?

Aren't you tired of having to tell God you regret the abuse of His gift of human sexuality?

Wouldn't you prefer having a Pope who will train his see to avoid teaching on sexual morality and put together just the right ambiguous talking points to makes us feel like the Catechism and Sacrament of Penance, absolution and amendening our lives has been the enemy of unity with Christ?

I want to get in on the ground floor of this movement.

Why not get rid of every teaching that informs the intellect to feel remorse for all sins?

Get your hand positioned to scratch your head again - here comes a doozy:

Regarding Catholics who have divorced and remarried, he said, "let us open the doors a bit more. Why can't they be godfathers and godmothers?"

That old antiquated chestnut of godparents who take Church teaching seriously, are faithful witnesses who will impart the treasure of Sacramental Sanctifying Grace if something happens to you?

The man is not a believer in that practice either.

Why not pick people who publicly reject Church teaching? Or better yet, articulte their contempt at family and friend get togethers or in the public square?

I wonder why nobody thought of that for 2000 years?

Strap youself into the Ark kiddies. We are in for a rough ride.

God help the uncatechized.


Anonymous said...

Here is a beautiful quote from a Catholic Blogger from Italy. "No one remembers any longer that a moral life is possible only with Christ's grace conveyed by the sanctifying action of His Church, prepared and accompanied by a teaching which gives sense and makes savory the Divine Commandments founded on imperishable truth." The Church of man which has taken over The Vatican makes such gobbledegook out of something that the three children of Fatima with little or no education understood to perfection.

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis mentioned other roles from which Catholics who are divorced and irregularly remarried are prohibited such as lectors, Eucharistic ministers, altar servers, and Christian doctrine teachers. Doesn't his quote "Let us open the doors a bit more. Why can't they be ...?" also apply to those offices.