Friday, December 12, 2014

Has anyone read this Jeff Mirus article?

It's the usual and customary "a Pope contradicting Church teaching is nothing to worry about because he isn't going to officially change it" but with a twist--Mirus is trying to tell us the Pope's fuller explanation on how he intends to contradict Church teaching and how he isn't listening and doesn't give a rat's patoot about resistance to the heresy and apostasy, signals the Pope is listening to "conservatives" in the Church.

He's got to be kidding!

Listen, the seat at the bishop's swanky events means nothing when you have to sell your children's salvation to them to earn it.

There is nothing you can accomplish shaking his hand in a receiving line and conversation over a steak at the fru-fru hotel.    Be a man, a husband, a father, a baptized Catholic and speak the truth.  You are much better off staying home with your children and tucking them into bed knowing you wouldn't give a hair on their head for any amount of money you will take, no four hour meal with all the well-heeled, no nod and wink from a bishop or even a Pope.

The things coming out of the Pope's mouth now, it is a no-brainer to figure out the author.  It contradicts Church teaching.

That's how the whole thing is going to work.   He is going to leave Church teaching in place and teach the people how to ignore and contradict it.   Make the people who do ignore and contradict it the people who teach theology.   Those of us who recognize what he is doing are going to find ourselves on the end of his shoe or on his list of people to ridicule and insult.

And what is laughable, truly, he thinks this is something new the spirit has conjured up.

It is impossible to swallow if you are living your life in pursuit of Sanctifying Grace.

Don't try to explain it.  Don't spin it.   Don't spit on Catholics and tell them it's raining.

At this point it's you who will lose your credibility.

Sure, the regurgitation of his plans indicates that he is aware of concerns of Catholics who want their religion taught to the congregation where we all sit. But his explanation of his plans confirms he is going to change the practice of our teaching so that it all becomes meaningless.

He is saying it doesn't matter what the teachings say, we will ignore it and set practices up that contradict it in spite of what Church teaching says.

Does that mean anything to you Jeff?

He has clarified that he doesn't care about resistance to what he and the apostates are doing, he is going to do it anyway, slowly and behind the scenes.

He is proposing that the same people foisting immorality and licentiousness, divorce, contraception and abortion become the face and teachers of theology at your local parish and in your very family.

He is proposing they become godparents. The people rejecting Church teaching are to become the Pope's ambassadors on how to reject and ignore Church teaching inside of your family. This catastrophic curse will be a gift that keeps on giving to your bloodline and mine.

Do you understand how children's minds work? How they will process the counterfeit church being imposed at your parish?

I think you do, which is what makes articles like the ones you are publishing kinda sickening.

It means when your children are at school or in the community - or worse in CCD class - and these same people who reject Church teaching tell your children the new "love" the Pope is offering accepts living your life having sex with anyone and shacking up to form a family, what you teach at home isn't going make sense to them.

Not after what the Pope is trying to sell as love.

Do you get what that means to salvation of the generations to come?

You have to stop dreaming that he intends to lead the faithful to absolution and sanctifying Grace.

You need to believe the words coming out of his mouth and hold onto the reality that what we see is what we got.

All you have to do to recognize the malarkey is substitute pornographers or prostitutes into his suggestions they should be godfathers and god mothers and lectors and other public leadership roles in the teaching and practices of our religion to the uncatechized and children.

Stop the spin and help us stop it before it is too late.

The bishops are cowards and they will go with whatever will bring money into their parishes because that is how they advance they earn their pink and red hats. That is what the system is built upon, in spite of the dog and pony show about the poor, the poor, the poor.

We have to play the cards we are dealt. We can't let them roll it out.

Do you understand the reasons why?

It's catastrophic to salvation.

Stop it brother. Stop the nonsense.

Worthy is the Lamb.


Anonymous said...

You have the wrong link.

TTC said...

I was hoping it wasn't the pattern for a knit hat!

It was actually the right Angelqueen link. They must change their front page. Linked directly to article. Too bad though, love the comments at Angelqueen!

Aged parent said...

Does anyone read Jeff Mirus? He's not the brightest bulb in the drawer, after all.

But you deserve credit for plodding through the murkiness of his writings. You have more fortitude than I!

Marie said...

I read it on Mirus site itself, thru a link on PewSitter. It's the most disgusting "positive" spin on the crazy directions Pope Francis The Unclear is leading us.

The most insulting thing Mirus says is that this papacy's convoluted style could lead to its becoming one of the greatest papacies in history.

Where is that Bible verse that says say "yes" if you mean yes and say "no" if you mean "no"?

Lord, help us!

Lynne said...

He makes his money off of being a professional Catholic. If the Church (i.e. the Pope) starts spouting weird things and people begin to question him, they won't buy what professional Catholics are selling. The Pope is ruining the brand.

I stopped reading Dr Mirus (and everyone on his website) a long time ago. I don't pay someone so I can comment on his blog.

Michael said...

I visit his site from time to time when I'm curious about the latest absurdities from the "heads buried in the sand brigade". I'm sure Jeff and his team find the news that the Vatican affirms all is well with women religious in the USA...very encouraging.

Catholic Mission said...

jeff Mirus interprets Vatican Council II and extra ecclesiam nullas salus according to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.

Similar to Dominus Iesus and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Cardinal Ratzinger used an irrational inference in Ut Unum Sin