Sunday, January 18, 2015

Magnificent News: Margery Eagan is "feeling devastated by this pope".

For two years now, the Pope has been trying to tell Catholic parents that when we're living in a world overcome by diabolical disorientation, we all have to swing into a mode that withholds and discredits Church teaching to win the admiration of the uncatechized. Once they love us for discrediting Church teaching and maligning those who practice it, the strategy then shifts into second gear where we express Church teaching.

Seasoned parents, who have tried every trick in the book, know the fatal flaws of his naivete.

When the strategy backfired at the Synod to the point where it was clear irreparable harm was being done to his papacy, our Holy Father finally did what Cardinal Burke has been asking him to do: He expressed his beliefs in the teachings of the Church.

Maybe that meeting in Rome went a little different than the 'Vatican II' wingnuts had hoped.

If I were an honorable man sitting on the Chair of Peter who wanted to really understand why my show was making enemies in the camp of catechized Catholics who practice their religion, I would call the man who speaks so valiantly for them and ask him to speak openly and honestly. I would listen in good faith and try to understand. Then I would do some good soul searching and if I found the truth, I would use the next opportunity I had to reveal my convictions in Church teaching.

Just saying.

I haven't been curious enough to run over to the Crux to find out how the cultural cronies at our lady of the mattress reacted, but somebody sent me Margery Eagan's op-ed this morn.

Lookie here. It's Ms.Funeral Face.

I'll save you the pain of reading her drivel. Here's the Reader's Digest:

Pope Francis left me feeling foolish for even hoping that he’d somehow see his way to ending the Church’s completely indefensible contraception ban. Mostly, I just feel sad.

It turns out all this time the ambiguity of talking about people who love with joy are the people who believe and practice Church teaching.

That's right Maggs. You are the wicked witch he's been talking about in the pews.

You are the little monster in the annals of history.

You're the Vatican II museum mummy.

For the last fifty years, every time a priest or bishop has tried to convey Church teaching on the gift of human sexuality - you are the sourpuss he's been talking about.

You are the querulous and disillusioned pessimist who drove two generations into the fog of diabolical disorientation. Instead of going to Church, they don't know whether to wind their wristwatch or try to figure out if they were born a man without a penis. Yeah, ya sure have come a long way baby.

It's you sister suffragette. You are the people without the Light, the real downers, rotting in the heart, weak, weak to the point of rottenness.

You are the pickled pepper faced old lady pining for structures that are not life-giving in today's world. It's Sacramental Grace. Get it?

You've convinced daffy women that the 'dream' of owning a 50 thousand dollar car beats the incredible joy of the divine gift of being a mother. Being there when your children get off of the bus to tell you about something upsetting that happened in their day. Bind their wounds. Having a home-cooked meal ready for your husband when he walks through the door to talk about his challenges and receive your healing wisdom. The role of the Blessed Mother is all too demeaning to you.

You're a fool all right.

And a much bigger one than you will ever know.


I did find a Jacko Allen's take on the Pope's long-awaited announcement that he accepts Church teaching on contraception and marriage and the role model of the Blessed Mother for women.

As for the gay marriage and birth control remarks, what will emerge upon examination is that Francis was actually voicing the moderate Catholic position, not veering to the hard right.

What he said about priests being generous in individual cases was the tip of the hand.

In broad strokes, liberals want the Church to change its teaching on sexual morality and conservatives want it to be ever more aggressive in enforcing it. Moderates uphold the teaching, but want to be flexible and merciful in applying it to concrete situations.

In other words, nothing Francis said Friday night ultimately will change the big-picture perception of him as a compassionate centrist.

He better touch base with the magpie.

Second, media narratives are surprisingly durable once they’ve been set in stone, and often prove stubbornly resistant to correction.

By now, most media organizations have invested a good deal of their own credibility, not to mention a lot of money, building up the story of Francis as a maverick populist and reformer, and it would take a lot to convince them to let go.

It’s not clear that what we’ve seen this week, especially given that it happened half a world away in the Philippines, will do the trick.

Finally, while Francis may occasionally do things that challenge the narrative that has grown up around him, he also constantly delivers words and gestures that reinforce it.

This is why it is critical to keep beating the drum that nothing short of moving apostates out of roles that teach our children their religion is imperative. We need to be more vigilant and louder than ever.

What John Allen is saying is, the Pope is giving lip service to everyone. When it comes down to what he's doing to change the Church is putting appointing Cardinal Kasper in the role that will shape theology on the family. That is what will form our children's moral compasses and shape the culture.

The roles given to Kasper to lead theology on the family is beneath contempt for it.

I don't know what he is doing and at this point, I don't care. John Allen is correct. The appointments of apostates to lead and teach is where the rubber meets the road. It's practice that we need to see meets its end on every level.

In a lot of ways, I see the Holy Spirit giving us the chance to put it out of it's misery on a very public level.

We have made some progress this week but we are nowhere near getting to the root of the evil an whacking it with the ax.

If I were a Cardinal summoned to the Holy Father's office to help him understand what's going awry with his show in the land where the hand rocks the cradle, here's what I'd tell him:

You evidently don't understand the convictions of mothers who saw the system you have here of men who rape children because now your appointing men who rape our children's souls to lead theology on the family.

Perhaps I'm being presumptuous, but it seems to me you don't understand ordained men who physically rape children are nowhere near as dangerous to parents as the ones you appoint who rape souls under the guise it's 'mercy'. It seems you don't understand that the days are gonzo when we will sit quietly in the pews as the sickness of clericalism puts on a new face. Even when it comes from a sitting pope.

Keep going with it brother, because you're about to find out.


Anonymous said...

You are such a bitch.

'DIS & 'DAT said...

Reminds me of the saying that hypocrisy is the tribute that vice pays to virtue. Hypocrisy in this case is allowing the massive repudiation of the moral teaching of the Catholic Church by the failure to speak about them. Unfortunately, this has generally been going on for at least 50 years.
The result of failure will be a remnant of Catholics follow the teachings. It surely is a stupid strategy that results in your demise. Praying that Pope Francis will understand this.

Michael Dowd