Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Banning Altar Girls

I am loving Fr. Illo!

And, of course, CRUX had to go and make a liar out of me and pry a sophomoric quote out of Bishop Coyne.

Bishop Christopher Coyne, newly installed leader of Vermont’s Catholics, said in a 2013 appearance on Catholic TV that he doubted the presence of female altar services would negatively impact a young man’s vocation discernment. Plus, barring girls might discourage mothers from encouraging their sons to consider the priesthood, he said.

“It’s a way of welcoming them to the table, of saying they have an important role in the liturgy, that they’re not second-class citizens because they’re girls,” he said. “I want to encourage the girls to see the Church as inviting,” prompting them to pass on the faith and encourage vocations when they have children.

Yeah, that Liturgy show on BCTV did not do him any favors.

Most men just don't have insight and wisdom on gender and role formation of children to get the silliness of their own suggestions.

His suggestion makes about as much sense as putting high-heels on little boys so they will feel they have an important role in the lives of women.

Somewhere along the line, priests bought into the feminazi idea that children should be raised as androgynous creatures.

We are supposed to take the precious time of formation and help them develop their natural gifts that will provide the treasure of their vocation, whether it will be religious life or being a wife, mother, grandmother, friend to their families, friends and the world.

Gender role confusion is unhelpful and can actually confuse and obstruct a child's calling from God.

Fr. Illo is light years ahead of you all.

Give it a rest.

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Anonymous said...

I really object to his calling them to "the table". Sure girls set a place! It's A Holy Altar on which the Holy Sacrifice ( not meal) takes place!

Bring back The Holy Sacrifice and teach exactly what's going on and the girls will find their place.