Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Margery Eagan: Disgruntled Catholics should mosey on down the road to Grace Church in Dover

If you're tired of the doldrums of rules to draw Sanctifying Grace from Christ, Margery Eagan - who was endorsed by Cardinal O'Malley - has a great suggestion: The 16-year-old grace Church in Dover. Dover is high-brow muckety muck and a nice little refuge from the hoi polloi of homeless and indigent people.

Mags says, unlike the Catholic Church, all are welcome at 'the eucharist', no matter who you're shacking up with or the condition of your soul.

Catholics disillusioned by Church politics — or just tired of uninspiring Masses and ho-hum sermons — have discovered, in the words of parishioner Bernie Kane, a Sunday morning worship service that leaves you “with a high.”

Do you think she is ignorant of Transubstantiation?

Kinda scary.

The mystical things happening in front of her, the powerful and sacred Act and Gift of Christ's Blood being delivered to the Altar from the hands of His Angels is Ho Hum.

Ho Hum.

I just can't get over her blindness and insult to the price of her salvation.

The Church is run by a couple of kooks who simulate the Sacraments:

As Mass began, pastor Peter DiSanto, a married priest in collar and traditional vestments, walked up and down the aisle swinging that metal censer filled with sweet-smelling incense. Then came his wife Amy, ordained a priest here at Grace Church. She sprinkled congregants with holy water.... Did it sadden us to leave the Church? Yes it did.” But given their differences with the Church on so many issues — from married priests to birth control to barring the faithful from Communion — she and Peter believed it better to move on and establish a church that’s less about rules and more about helping people “know God better, feel as though they’re important to God, that they are loved.”

I wonder if they need a pope? LOL.

"...a life-long observant Catholic, a wife and mother of three, remembers the first time she slipped into a pew at Grace Church with her teen-aged daughter. “Honest to God, instantly we both felt such a presence, a wonderful warm presence.” Both got a bit teary. “It was, ‘excuse me, can you pass the Kleenex please?’"

An absolute tragedy. A family severed from Sanctifying Grace running around town looking for something to fill the hole in her soul.


Anonymous said...

The devil and his demons can produce all sorts of "feelings", from "warmth and acceptance" to rage, depression, blame, prideful indignation...the list is obviously long.

Catholic church members used to know this and guard against it. The average catholic now makes their "truth" and decisions based on only feelings.

I believe the Scriptures warned about these times of giving up Sound Doctrine in preference to having ears tickled.

Very sorrowful times are these, but we live within the Trinity's Permissive Will, and God will have His Way.

Catechist Kev said...

“Honest to God, instantly we both felt such a presence, a wonderful warm presence.” Both got a bit teary. “It was, ‘excuse me, can you pass the Kleenex please?’"

Sounds like that "warm presence" she felt, and the reason she "got a bit teary", was actually somebody who accidentally 'pass'(ed) something else maybe?

Good grief, just what the world needs. More do-it-yourself popes. Ecclesial community number 35,987. Sure, *that's* the unity our Blessed Lord prayed for in the Garden, Carol. Right?

Catechist Kev

TTC said...


Pass the Kleenex.

Was that not a hoot?

As a woman concerned about the salvation of my sisters, it is contemptible that these are the voices our Cardinals and Pope are telling women to listen to.

It is unacceptable and it always has been.

Anon, thanks. It is true that we live within the gift of free will but this utter nonsense is being endorsed by the Pope and the highest ranking members of his administration.

It has to stop.

Steve Dalton said...

When I hear that phrase "warm presence" I'm reminded of a joke I saw at one of my workplaces years ago. " Having warm feelings is like peeing on yourself while wearing dark pants. You're "warm" but nobody else notices!

breathnach said...

Margery hasn't been this enthusiastic since her once yearly columns of praise for the "Boston Fetish Convention". Now, instead of describing the joys of bondage, swapping, leather, latex and various other perversions, she presents the absurdities of an anti-Mass presented by Ozzie and Harriet, the well heeled Dover dissenters. These two weirdos do a pretty good Bergoglio routine, and that speaks to the depth of the crisis facing the Church.

Anonymous said...

Interestink. Better not confuse it with Grace Chapel or Grace Presbyterian Church.

They apparenly receive "communion" kneeling or at least at "the kneeler". They can self-intinct.

StevenD-Jasper said...

Poor Margery is like a rebellious teenager.

Anonymous said...

"The DiSantos built it themselves, next door to their home, with thick pine beams, stained glass windows from a closed Lowell parish, "

does this mean from a closed CATHOLIC Church????

If so, how does the RCAB account for this scandal - Catholic sacred objects sold to promote heretical sects. Profane use of the worst kind.