Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cardinal McCarrick Admits being lobbied to vote for Pope Francis

They must have started with the dullest tools in the shed.

God bless the man. He doesn't even know enough not to disclose evidence the election of Pope Francis involved corruption. (Do not be scandalized by this revelation. We see them come. We see them go. This too shall pass. It will correct Itself. Stay close to Sacraments.)

You know what this reminded me of?

I can't remember the saint - but one of them who could see the mystical world told the story of seeing a group of demons being driven to their own destruction. They were moving in a direction over her head saying something about the Holy Spirit forced them to reveal themselves, their lies and deception.

Does anyone remember the saint and the exact story?

Here's another member of Pope Francis' hand-picked team of 'reformers' revealing himself.

We are not waiting for any stinking synod. The Church headed by me in Germany is separate from Rome!

This guy is chosen as one of Pope Francis most intimate advisors to carry out "reforms" of Christ's Church, while at the same time demolishing FFI and telling Chanceries to be suspicious of men faithfully practicing our religion as it indicates they may be mentally ill.

He's got to be kidding me.

And, another blunder from Pope Francis Pontifical Council for Culture. Don't be chewing any food when you open up this link:

Do you think for five minutes these men would want what their own mother means to them to be portrayed in this piece of sexually perverted trash?

What kind of a twisted image is Pope Francis trying to make out of women?

Aaron eat your heart out.

Fifty Shades of Barbed Wire in St. Peter's Square.

I guess they must have been out of duct tape.

They claim it is supposed to represent women in bondage, whose voices and intellect are struggling for freedom.

I notice they didn't use one of the nuns on the bus for the image.

How degrading and insulting to women is this pontificate going to get?

Get yourselves some popcorn and lemonade kiddies. We are watching a three-ring circus.


Maria said...

The Bishop of Rome has a problem. His silence on the chess pool of immorality at Jesuit universities speaks volumes about where he stands relative to Church teaching:

Defending Catholic Teaching Lands Marquette Professor in ...

God save the Pope and Christ's church. Like Fr. Hardon predicted: "only Heroic Catholics will survive".

Anonymous said...

Uncle Leo and the Lavender and old lace gang are still going strong would think after his close call there he might have had an awakening ...guess not ..someone better remind the old boy that loose lips sink papacys. As to the nude decapitated armless legless female ..I don't think they liked their mothers very much......they definitely don't have devotion to the Mother Of God as evidenced by this disgraceful symbol of the so called bondage of women.

Anonymous said...

An important factual clarification: Cardinal McCarrick was ineligible to vote at the last conclave, as he was 82 years old at the time. He could attend the General Congregations along with all the cardinals - electors and non-electors - but he was excluded from the voting portion of the conclave.

Dymphna said...

Who's close call? Cardinal McCarrick's? I'd say, if the rumors are true then he got away clean.