Friday, February 27, 2015

Latest Schismatic Statement from Pope Francis "Reformation" Team Member

I've read several stories now on Cardinal Marx schismatic announcement that the church he runs in Germany is severed from the authority of Rome.

Marx said sin resonates in a human heart and so sin needs to resonate within the Christian message and the bishops themselves.

How sane people sit through his insufferable screwball performances is beyond me. I couldn't do it without barging the podium and inviting him to sit down and shut up.

Let that resonate in the bishops conference!

Remarkable that the Pope isn't calling Chanceries around the world to tell them to to reject applicants for the seminary who promote adultery, sodomy and sacrilegious Communion as it indicates they are head cases.

Anyhow, some of the writers think Marx's revelation indicates the winds in Rome have switched direction and are now blowing against him.

From Rorate

The main point seems to be the new German Bishops' attitude of moving on alone, which could indicate that they foresee that they will not be able to "guide" the Synod as easily as they had thought possible. Blackmail is in the air in the German Conference...

It could be the division and chaos the agenda has created for Pope Francis has pulled the rug out from underneath them. Marx and company have waited 50 years for a pope who would do what Pope Francis is doing.

If they were a few months away from a pope issuing a dictate to stop teaching moral theology, start teaching the virtue of adultery and feed Christ's elect sacrilegious communion, why would he risk formally announcing the operation he runs in Germany is schismatic?

Wouldn't the Pope have to do something in response to his statement?

The absence of an action from the Pope means something and will be judged.

After all, who would let one of eight men you have appointed to reform the Church make a schismatic announcement and not do anything about it?

A pope focused on penalizing and obstructing faithful Catholics perhaps?

I don't construe Cardinal Marx's actions as a sign Pope Francis has defected from helping him carry out his agenda. He may simply know Pope Francis is going to look the other way or keep his focus on insulting, discrediting and exiling faithful Catholics.

I will say this: I do firmly believe that a Pope who would foster the culture in the Church and world against the faithful and dedicated practice of our religion has challenges ahead of him.

I read something on The Catholic Thing that really got under my skin.

Cardinal Marx’s troubling interview is a warning: we cannot assume that Church teaching and discipline will be properly maintained at the October Synod on the Family in Rome.

Pope Francis is a pope who has played a fiddle of the virtues of adultery and conducted his affairs to lead the world and Church into this uncertainty.

Every uncatechized and misled Catholic I know has been led to believe adultery is good and the 2000 years of practicing our religion before Pope Francis played his fiddle in St Peter's Square, is bad.

The corrupt bishops the Pope surrounded himself with to carry out his 'reforms' lack his prudence.

I doubt they expected so many of us to resist a pope as we have resisted the priests and bishops who have carried out the destruction underneath the Chair of Peter.

They best be keeping the virtues of adultery and sacrilegious communion off of the agenda in October, or they have a few more surprises in store for them.


Anonymous said...

Here is a question: What would an 'anti-pope' do in the present circumstances?

TLM said... for thought. What is the 'game plan'? You know there's got to be one in all this 'Germany Revolution'. You also know they have no way 'taken all their marbles and gone home.'

I will say this: In almost every threat of schism, the Church seems to somehow and in some way, accommodate.