Sunday, February 1, 2015

CRISIS Magazine Post on the GOP and the Catholic ProLife Vote in the Next Presidential Election

As if we don't have enough fires going...

Switching gears a bit to the world of politics, CRISIS Magazine has a post recommending Catholic party-line voting for GOP.

That horse has left the barn.

I haven't voted for a Democrat since Ray Flynn was politically active.

Most readers here know, my grandparents were Irish immigrants. We were passionate Democrats right up until the time the commies infiltrated it. It turns out Joe McCarthy had the last laugh from the grave.

I was never an enthusiastic Republican but I did steadily vote for their candidates for several decades. The talking points of the Republican manifesto are attractive and they advanced prolife candidates for many years.

The Catholic-Republican alliance has always been fleeting. It was always reliant upon what they did with and for prolife candidates and what they did with and for proabort candidates. Putting money and power behind candidates happens long before they are presented to voters. The money and media machines control.

The alliance has started out fairly strong back in the glory days when the GOP was putting their money and power behind prolife candidates.

When the Democrats realized they were losing the Catholic vote, they come up with the talking points that Catholics don't have to be (or shouldnt be) one-issue voters.

Soros lined the wallets of certain Bishops who helped the Democrats get traction in the USCCB. The next thing we knew, our bishops were telling Catholics killing babies is only one issue to consider and so long as you vote for a candidate based upon other opinions the politician may hold, you can vote for a baby killing politician.

Soros then built a coalition to organize Catholic voters around the lunatic voting policy of the USCCB.

Who woulda thunk Catholics could fall for an Apostle saying Herod is okay now, no need to protect our culture, children and Church from him and we can help elect governments that mass murderers children?

Stupid is as stupid does.

Baby killers put wheels on the Catholic vote and the bishops gave it traction. They caricatured prolifers as people who don't feed the poor so we must not vote for them. You can be a politician who promotes baby killing so long as you give out free bread and cheese to Catholics they are misleading with their appointed apostates in catechesis.

As sickening as their deceptive games are, they were able to persuade the uncatechized.

The Republicans then changed their strategy. To their credit, they held onto their prolife convictions but then put their money behind candidates who wouldn't 'offend' the feminists and proaborts. Hoping to win them back I suppose.

They added insult to injury by tidying up their prolife manifesto to say everything is prolife. A proabort candidate is prolife because he doesn't like common core and pats little children on the head.

In Massachusetts, prolifers know the candidates who the GOP puts money and power behind and who they sabotage. They sabotage prolife candidates and put their money behind prochoice candidates.

After all, why concern themselves with the murders of the children when the bishops only send out missives telling voters they look the other way?

I could never believe that our Bishops looked the other way when the Germans were burning millions of people in ovens. But their policy is as clear as the nose on my face. Murdering tyrants mean nothing to them. They didn't in the days of Christ, they didn't when the Germans killed a generation of Jews and they don't care now.

But there has been a game-changer in the world where the voters drive to the polls and make their election. We stopped voting for their white, rich Obamas.

The lesser of two evils vote has destroyed our country. Look around you to see it's destruction. You can't smite God.

I have watched the phenomenon for the next election shaping up with alliances and messages from our Pope. We have a big problem on our hands that we need to begin to work on immediately.

The Dems are ramping up the Catholic vote with Cardinal O'Malley who is gaga over them.

If you stop the killing of babies by stop electing them as lawmakers, it isn't a victory.

“Part of the Gospel of Life has to be about loving and helping the poor,” he said. “Indeed, reducing poverty will also reduce the number of abortions. Poor and low income women account for more than half of the abortions performed each year in our country.”

There he goes! Caricaturing prolifers as people who do not help the poor.

Cardinal O'Malley is loving the helping the poor when he works with Herod.

Is he serious?

The prolife movement isn't about the war against hunger and homelessness. Take up that cause somewhere else. The prolife movement is about the babies being murdered.

Abortions are a result of the immorality being shoved down the throats of our people in our parishes. It's about the catechesis of your priests, nuns and lay people -- proaborts whom you ordain and hire. It's about television churning women into repositories for sperm. It's about the lack of catechesis and the obstruction of Sanctifying Grace.

The Sara Flukes are not poor. They're at Georgetown, Boston College and every other Catholic school where the Jesuits are demoralizing our children. They're at Fr. Unni's digs. They're at St. Catherine's in Norwood. There isn't room for the list of priests, nuns and lay people demoralizing women of every income level. Especially the rich.

Who are you kidding?

They are reading story lines from the Pope that tell them to responsibly intervene in the life Christ has planned for a child.

Let us cut the baloney and get back to doing your job as the man with the keys to catechesis. Get out of politics and just do your job in Catechizing our women and children.

The GOP is no better.

They court well-intended people who can persuade us to party vote for their proaborts because of this or that or because the Democrats are so bad.

We are up to our knees in dead bodies and souls of our people. The bishops among them. The Pope is heading down their political pike.

A word to the wise:

I'm warming up the tar and the fans are strategically placed behind the feathers. So stay tuned.

You'd think they would learn from the Dems: Find a candidate who is a) passionate about all of our objectives; and b) charismatic.

Putting aside the fact that Romney is a trouser cough in a spacesuit, prolifers have his prolife history Massachusetts. He is a proabort and the father of Obamacare. The man worked against us through his entire tenure. He is the king of quislings. Whatever conviction the enemy holding keys to political power have, he will adopt them. He has a closet full of Armani suits looking for a gig.

We are not following the GOP wanna-be power brokers into party-voting for the GOP for any reason at all. Show us a prolife candidate and prolife Catholic voters will get behind the candidate.

Catch up to the players with the keys to win the game.


Anthony Brankin said...

thank you. I sure hope you have a lot of readers.

TTC said...

Hi Father, I don't get the traffic patheos does but for a mother and grandmother operating a free blog in her spare time, it's enough to cause a ruckus in Christendom. It's an intellectual crowd who have their own circle of influence. Many of whom are powerful prayer warriors and intercessors. A crowd in a state of grace is a can of serious whipbutt against the wiles of the devil.

Anonymous said...

Romney said either today or Sunday that he will not seek the Republican Party's nomination.

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Very Interesting!