Sunday, February 1, 2015

Pope's Council of Eight Member: The Pope wants to take this Church renovation to the point where it becomes irreversible.

An unbelievable statement from Mad Dog Maradiaga:

The Pope wants to take this Church renovation to the point where it becomes irreversible.

Remember this is one of the eight men present in meetings when Pope Francis talks about the execution of his plans.

Do read his creepy statement in its entirety. Take it in.

Interestingly, Maradiaga speaks about "Vatican II" as if the outcome of massive loss of sanctifying grace worked out for them.

He is old enough. He was there when priests gave homilies that helped people to use the Sacrament of Confession to snuff out sexual attractions outside of the Sacrament of Marriage. He remembers every seat in the Church filled to overflowing capacity at every Mass.

Maradiaga doesn't appear to have anything wrong with his eyesight. When priests came back from Vatican II with ideas for Masses and homilies that help people clap for fornication outside of the Sacrament of Marriage, he's observed 40 years of the emptying of pews.

He remembers when sex was a sanctified gift of conjugal love.

He sees how the changes of Vatican II made sex into a pursuit to find a repository for sperm.

It took me years to come to terms with the lies and willful ignorance of the leadership of our Church, but I'm still astounded every time I see it.

PreVatican II: Full pews

PostVatican II: Empty pews

Even when they are incapable of understanding that the glue to the pews is Sanctifying Grace, you would think they would question their own story that Vatican II did so much good we must now build the future of the Church upon its model.

It's nuts.

Here are men who have a museum underneath them that explains the Sanctifying Grace Christ gave His Life to bequeath to His people.

Have they never looked out upon the empty pews and been curious enough about mystical matters of the soul to crack open a few books and read?

You screwed the Church and world up to a fare the well and now you want more of it?

Shave and a haircut, two bits.

Give us a break.


Anonymous said...

They knew and they know what they are doing. To empty the pews has always been the plan of these infiltrators.

Anonymous said...

Exactly what I was going to say, Anonymous @10:58