Sunday, February 22, 2015

Good News: Thomas Reese thinks Pope Francis 'progress on reforms' is moving too slow

A pleasant story to kick off week two of Lent

The most likely result of these mergers is that less will be done. Fewer documents will be written, fewer conferences will be attended, fewer initiatives will be taken because there will be fewer employees, and their initiatives will have to go through another layer of review before seeing the light of day.

In my opinion, the best result of these mergers is that there will be three fewer positions that must be filled by archbishops and might be filled by cardinals in the Curia. Anything that reduces the number of archbishops and cardinals in the Curia is good. On the other hand, there will be two more positions that must be held by cardinals. That is bad.

That it took the Council of Cardinals two years to come up with this reshuffling of boxes on the organizational chart simply shows they really don't know what they are doing. It should have taken two months to develop this plan, not two years. At this pace, Pope Francis will be dead before real reform hits the Curia.

A conspiracy theorist would say that getting the Council of Cardinals to focus on this reorganization was a way of distracting them from any real reform in the Curia.

I can live with that!


Anonymous said...

I wish, no, I dream that you will be right... but, the INSANE speed of reforms will start once they open all their dirty cards, which most likely will happen during Synod 2015...

Then you will be shocked... GOD Help us!

Anonymous said...

What more do we need to know.

1.BHO was the Manchuria candidate and is Muslim
2. Pope Franvis is communist
3. 2017, the 100th anniversary of Fatima, is almost here

Stay close to the sacraments, all will be well.

Anonymous said...

there's something important expected for April this year. Deoes anyone know what it is about? It is supposed to shake up everything.

Anonymous said...

Why April?