Monday, February 23, 2015

Fr. Tim Scott - Poster Boy for Charity of the Fr. Rosica Poisonous Tree

Fr. Tim Scott, 'spokespesron' for Fr. Rosica's religious order and Executive Director of the Canadian Religious Conference, published a tweet telling Cardinal Burke to "STFU" (SHUT THE F*CK UP).

He rushed off on 'a sabbatical'

I can see why Pope Francis found the spirituality of the Basilians accurate communicators of his welcome mat for practicing Catholics.

The Church really knows how to pick priests with expertise in communicating their messages - from Pope Francis all the way down to the local chancery.

Really, this malice is directly related to the the culture Pope Francis has created for practicing Catholics.


Mary H said...

All this nonsense while Christians are being kidnapped by ISLS in Syria and presumably await beheading or burning.

What will these twitter jocks say to God when he asks them to account for their time on Earth?

Anonymous said...

CMTV is reporting fr Scott has been removed as spokesperson of his orer. On to Fr Rosica!

TTC said...

I havent had time to post the last two vortex but they represent outstanding work by Michael and his team.


StevenD-Jasper said...

I though these Fr. Tim Scott types were all about dialog and being nice.

Anonymous said...

@StevenD-Jasper they are all about being nice as long as you tote their party line.

Typical liberal playbook, accept everybody as long as they agree with the agenda otherwise do everything possible to intimidate and humiliate them.

The good news here is that many of these Church subversives, like Frs Scott, Rosica, Kasper, et all, are losing their minds and being exposed for what they really are...