Wednesday, February 25, 2015

More Info on Manipulative Synod

In my 58 years of practicing Catholicism, every layperson, priest, bishop and now Pope, who brought in heretics to teach heresy also obstructed Church teaching. They always claim they're teaching heresy because Church teaching is offensive and they are the welcome wagon. Obstructing, undermining, insulting, discrediting Church teaching always goes hand-in-hand with teaching heresy.

Attracting people to the Catholic Church with heresy cant let Church teaching be proclaimed because the minute it is, you lose the people you attracted with heresy.

It stands to reason that if the Pope's intention was to bring Cardinal Kasper into communion with Church teaching, he would have put faithful people in charge of the Synod, said how fabulous the theology is and asked Cardinal Kasper and friends to be 'open to it' -- NOT THE OPPOSITE WAY AROUND!

Fr. Z reveals another creepy little detail.

Remember the Five Cardinals Book...It blew the Kasper proposals and arguments out of the water.

You will also remember that Synod members were up in arms because of the manipulations and machinations of the staff of the Synod office. Remember all the controversies about whether texts of speeches would be released? About what could be reported? About how the mid-term report was produced? About certain strange paragraphs that didn’t reflect the discussions of the Synod?

There’s more.

Here is something of the story that you don’t know, because at the time it couldn’t be told.

The people who crafted the Five Cardinals Book™ wanted to make sure that Synod members had copies, at least in English or Italian, as the Synod was starting up. Therefore, they sent copies to every member of the Synod (quite a few) through the Italian post to each member’s personal mailbox near the Synod Hall which was set up individually by the Vatican Post.

When the organizers of the Synod realized what had been sent to the members of the Synod, someone removed all the envelopes from the members’ mail boxes!

That’s called theft. That’s called illegal. They stole people’s mail.

That’s how frightening the Book is to those who want to overturn the Church’s practice and, therefore, teaching.

The Kathnet piece, by Manfred Ferrari, indicates that the heist was ordered by Card. Baldisseri, who is the head of the office of the Synod of Bishops.

Kindly read the entire post at Fr Z's.

The cast of characters in this administration has an off of the charts sleaze factor.

Stealing the Deposit of Faith at the Synod is quite symbolic.

The only problem they face, is trying to rob people with 40 years experience with thieves.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, while on sabbatical, Frank should step off pedestal of humility and return to the scriptures:

"He that walketh with the wise, shall be wise: a friend of fools shall become like to them."

Proverbs 13:20

Michael Davitt said...

This era reminds me of Pope Paul VI's reign.

Philio-marxism at the top; confusion below.