Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dr. Tim Scott removed as Basilian media spokesperson

The cup you offer is poison. Drink it yourself.

Mike Voris and Church Militant TV did an outstanding job with this disturbing development in the Catholic Church.

If you haven't done so already, watch the Vortex:

As bold and outlandish as Fr. Scott's conduct was, a few noteworthy observations.

After Catholics pointed out his errors, he didn't threaten to sue them. He thanked them. He apologized.

Fr. Scott is in our prayers.

I am convinced that his conduct is like one piece of fruit falling off of the rotten tree.

The empowerment to publicly tell a Cardinal faithful to Church teaching to shut the bleep up is a direct result of 'the Pope Francis effect'.

Pope Francis has spent two years caricaturing the faithful practice of our religion for the 2000 years before him as hateful. He has set the fires ill will against us and poured gasoline on it every few days.

Mike also did a spectacular job on this vortex on Fr. Rosica's disturbing history of theological errors:

Voris brings up very astute observations.

How and why would a priest with a history of this kind of skullduggery rise up through the ranks?

When he gets called out for his lack of fidelity to Church teaching, who is empowering him to threaten to sue Catholics who point out he needs to believe and teach the Catholic religion and not his own imaginary version of it?

A few articles in Christendom are referring to what is becoming a pontificate for thugs.

The shoe seems to fit.


Anonymous said...

Frank has done quite a fine job eliminating the dignity from 2000 years of our Catholic tradition, Barry has done the same to the USA and Sean has done the same here in Boston among others (watch the 2/25 episode of CMTV and consider Catholic parishes in Boston).

All are cut from the same mold, something big is happening.

Deus misereatur

One of the Faithful said...

I wonder what St. Basil would say about the above mention priests in his Order. Pray for them indeed!

Ed of Ct. USA said...

Rosica should be fired as well. His deliberate mistranslations of what Francis has in reality said into English translations is disgusting . Now there are serious reports of the Raillo text being withheld from the Catholic bishops at the now infamous Family?? Synod in Rome. With Rosica and disgraced Scott in Canada as Pope Paul the 6th said about the undermining of his Humane Vitae decree' "The Smoke of Satan has entered the Catholic faith. " Rosica with his attacks on JP 2nd, Pope Benedict and AB Burke as well on S & L TV should Not be surprised people are calling for his ouster as well. Perhaps he was responsible for the All Dogs go to heaven misquote of Francis as well.