Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Pope Francis Closest Advisor Calls Faithful Catholic Children "Terrorists"

One of Pope Francis’ closest advisors, and the leader of one of the most “liberal” Catholic hierarchies in the world, has denounced “traditional” young people for wanting “to be clear in their positions,” warning that it is a path to “terrorism.” In a related interview with the Jesuit magazine America, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, the head of the German Bishops’ conference, applauded people in homosexual partnerships who want a “lifelong” relationship.

Expressing and practicing faithful clarity of truth in the Catechism is the path to terrorism and having sex with a same-sex lover for an entire lifetime is applauded.

I don't mean to be scandalous, but I have often wondered why the Pope is attracted to this beast and why he would want his malignant ideas taught to his people.

Two legitimate questions. Every possible answer I have explored doesn't lift him out of the inexcusable conduct of this appointment.


breathnach said...

The aptly named Cardinal Marx openly espouses the outrages that Bergoglio attempts to accomplish by subterfuge. I believe Bergoglio admires the likes of Marx.

'DIS & 'DAT said...

How long shall we wait for our Bishops to denounce these outrages? Where is our mainstream Catholic media to evaluate the doctrinal conflicts?

Yesterday, I sent a commentary about the abuses of Vatican II to our parish priest via e-mail. He sent back a note saying the e-mail was only to be used by parishioners for Church business. I found this sort of humorous--and sad.

More prayer please.

Michael Dowd

TTC said...

Michael, I'm appalled you sent an email to a priest that no doubt relayed to him that you were upset and he dismissed it as 'not Church business'.

Had the content of your email been about women priests, contraception and same sex, he would never have the chutzpah to send an email dismissing his pastoral duties in such a callous and uncaring way. He's a jerk.

People who write for mainstream Catholic media are being paid for what they write. The content is controlled by the people who pay them. The people who pay them are controlled by their desire for the bishops to like and respect them.

I know a few good people who write for Catholic mainstream media that struggle with the corruption. Most eventually left. There are others who are doing what they can to advance the faith in the situation but refuse to participate in coverups. They are walking on eggshells.

All it takes is one or two blogs to unravel corruption in cyberspace. God takes it and multiplies it like the fish and the next thing you know, the Pope has it on his desk. LOL.

Catechist Kev said...

This is nonsense.

"...to give black and white answers, is growing, and I think that is very dangerous," the cardinal said." (Cardinal Marx)

Ah yes, a true relativist. He treats his statement as if it is a black & white answer, no?

God help us.


Catechist Kev

TTC said...

Kev, if I were a millionare or a Pope, I would hire a private investigator to tail that guy. He doth protest too much.

Pope Francis announcement that this guy holds the keys to moral theology he would like his see to adopt tells a story about the Pope.

Catechist Kev said...

"I would hire a private investigator to tail that guy."

I believe it was Cdl. O'Boyle in the late 1960s (Adiocese of Washington, D. C.) who, after barring Fr. Charles Curran from teaching moral theology at Catholic University of America in D.C. - because he dissented from Humanae vitae (among other questionable ditties) - who said, "If they are going to think that way, they are going to act that way."

After three years Pope Paul VI had Cdl. Boyle reinstate Curran (and others). Who knows why? Maybe Paul VI was fearing a wholesale schism al la England.

Catechist Kev

TTC said...

Marx is over invested in the subject matter of taking a lifelong male lover.

His recent remarks that the more a homosexual has sex with the same partner, it stops being a sin, is something he has convinced himself of for a reason. That excuse has been well mulled over.

TTC said...

The bigger scandal is the Pope thought Marx's ideas are so good, he has him in a leading role in his Pope Francis reformation of the Catholic Church.

Profoundly disturbing.

'DIS & 'DAT said...

What a brilliant solution to the "gay mafia" problem by Pope Francis: bring them out in the open and put them in charge!!

Michael Dowd

TTC said...



Anonymous said...

I bet if you searched enough this guy is related to Martin Luther. You'll have to excuse me but I believe there's a Conspiracy going on, better to believe than to be deceived.

Maria said...

I thought they had stopped smoking crack ;) Still on the pipe. Well, it is kind of reassuring to know that America Mag is so reliable, huh?

TTC said...



I think there smoking crack through bongs!

They sure are consistent!