Friday, February 13, 2015

Don't Give What is Holy to the Dogs

Every time I hear today's Gospel, I find something else to unpack.

It doesn't take a theological heavyweight to know that Christ excluded the majority of the people around Him from having access to what is holy.

The woman in today's Gospel was a Greek. Christ excluded her because of her heritage.

Christ did not make it easy for her. He called her family undeserving dogs when she asked for what she needed.

Typical mother. There's no mountain she won't climb, Rubicon she won't cross, insult she won't take to get help when one of her babies need something.

This is the Gospel that tells you don't ever have to worry about approaching an Apostle or a Pope and asking for your children's freedom.

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Netmilsmom said...

No one, not even the Pope, is going to let my children stray from Our Lord.