Friday, February 13, 2015

Why Catholics Don't Know What They Talkin' 'Bout

The irony of the title of this article at the Register does not go unnoticed.

Have any readers been Reading the Register?

I haven't read anything there for several years. Pewsitter linked to the article and I was blown away at how poor the theology was in the article.

What in Sam Hill is going on over there?

Do people just write whatever they want and there is no editing of content to remain consistent with Catholic theology?

On top of being bad theology, it is painful drivel.

When we teachin', we don't know what we're talkin about and that's ok. Think about it. We are talking beyond ourselves. After we talk, we ask others what it means. The answers my friend are blowing in the wind. The answers are blowing in the wind.

Saints preserve us!

In Joan Chittister's worst hour of menopause, her writings were not that bad.

What happened to all the catechized Catholics in the comments section?


Meem said...

The Red and Lowering Sky

by Pat Archbold

Read more:

TTC said...


I forgot Pat wrote for them.

Shea's writings are inane.

Is there no editing going on for Catholic content?

Steve Dalton said...

Carol, the drivel on NCR is bad, but on his CAEI, it's worst. He has no editorial restraint to hold him back there. All of his, immaturity and vindictiveness comes out there. Another thing that is coming out of Mark's mouth and pen is his increasing leftism. On just about any issue, he can be counted on to take a stand that's no different than the commentators at the other NCR.

TTC said...

Steve, I think readers here are in in full agreement with Mark's conduct on his own blog. I was flabbergasted to read his theological sillyassed drivel at NCR. It's a Catholic periodical with the duty to control content.

Who is doing the editing?

Who is in charge the thing now?

Anonymous said...

Carol, maybe NCR wants to be more papal than the pope.