Thursday, February 5, 2015

Why is the newspaper of the Cardinal Archbishop of Boston writing a puff piece on Seth Moulton?

A reader writes:

The current issue of the Pilot (which includes extensive coverage of the March for Life) has this puff piece on the newest liberal nut in the Massachusetts Congressional "delegation" - Moulton is pro abortion, pro gay marriage, for the legalization of pot, and for free birth control. A perfect choice for the Pilot! What's next - a reflective piece on Chief Spreading Bull Liz Warren?

Here's something you can take to the bank:

If Seth advocated killing unwanted priests, the Pilot would be the last place you'd see his smiling mug. There would be a riot.

Demoralizing and exploiting women and killing children doesn't phase them in the least.


InterestedObserver said...

I do enjoy and agree with many of your posts.
However the article was about a young woman whom the Congressman invited to the State of the Union address. I am no fan of the Congressman, but your blog was not exactly accurate.

TTC said...

Thanks. It's a nice story about the woman. But the fact that she is pictured beside the any killer makes it offensive.

A lot of people don't understand how seriously women take baby killing.

We do not want to see any pictures of baby killing politicians or stories about good things baby killers may be doing, in our Catholic newspapers.

The pilot wouldn't put pictures of ethnic cleansers with their arms around a young Catholic woman invited to Congress would it.

Can you see the perspective of those of us who see baby killing as seriously as ethnic cleansing?

The picture did not belong in a Catholic newspaper.

Time to wipe out the puff pieces and pics of smiling baby killers in our newspapers.

It tells us the baby kilo g isn't taken seriously.

TTC said...

It's line the archbishop saying, other than that Mrs Kennedy, how was the parade?

min-bee said...

This article is a puff piece on both the young woman who won the award and pro-abort Moulton. The poverty of Catholic education is revealed by this woman's praise for someone who endorses baby killing. She seems to value social activism over the right to life and Church teaching. Does she even know what the Church teaches? She and Moulton form a mutual admiration society for those who hold politically correct views.

How unfortunate that she appears almost like a man dressed for the gym, but why should we be surprised?

On a lighter note, LOL, isn't Elizabeth Warren Spreading Bull, also known as Fauxahontas?