Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Another day, another headscratcher from Pope Francis.

This time he claimed the Catholic Church hasn't been allowing people who make mistakes inside of the Church.

'A man - a woman - that you feel sick in the soul, sad, who made many mistakes in life, at some time feel that the waters are moving, is the Holy Spirit that moves something, or hear a word or ... 'Ah, I want to go!' ... It takes courage and goes. And how many times today in Christian communities located closed doors: But you can not, no, you can not. You have the wrong here and you can not. If you want to come, come to Mass on Sunday, but stay there, but do not do more '...

Oh come on.

If he comes 15 minutes before the Mass, he can have his sins absolved and receive the Divinity of Christ into his soul like the rest of us.

A freudian slip?:

We call today to the Lord in the Mass for us, for each of us and for the whole Church, a conversion to Jesus, a conversion to Jesus, a conversion to the mercy of Jesus. And so the law will be fully accomplished, because the Law is to love God and our neighbor as ourselves. "


Anonymous said...

I am fairly new to your blog. I enjoy reading your take on "things." I must admit, this Pope REALLY scares me. If the successor of St. Peter can speak such nonsense then something extremely horrible is about to happen. God help us all!

Anonymous said...

From https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/speaker-at-l.a.-archdiocese-conference-says-catholic-teaching-on-homosexual

Barbara Nicolosi, an author, teacher, Hollywood screenwriter, and blogger at church of the masses, said the [situation] “speaks to the confusion within the Church” because of the Vatican’s increasingly informal communications practices and its transmission of messages that undermine doctrine. “Ever since the Pope said ‘Who am I to judge?’ (when asked about homosexual priests) everyone has been wondering what is that supposed to mean for us in the Church now, with many people trying to get out ahead of it.”

The Church’s traditional teaching that homosexuality is “gravely disordered” is consistent with Her overall teaching on human nature and sexuality, Nicolosi said: to break with that would be incoherent. Unfortunately, Pope Francis’ practice of making casual statements on important doctrinal matters “is hard for orthodox Catholics who’ve been trained to take what the Pope says very seriously. Orthodox Catholics, especially those trained in theology, don’t downshift that fast.”

Nicolosi said the current Vatican practice of “just throwing comments out and then kind of backtracking” has happened too often to be accidental. “It has to be willed,” she said. "I have no idea what the purpose of this would be as Magisterial strategy, but I suspect it is just all part of the liberal nonsense that downlplays intellectualism as elitist and thinks any kind of dialogue is in itself redeeming. For the record, dialogue isn't redemptive. Truth is redemptive."

Nicolosi stopped teaching adult catechism last year because of the confusion caused by what she calls “sloppy talk” from the Vatican. “Students kept saying, ‘But how can you say the Church teaches homosexuality is wrong when Pope Francis said this?’ Or ‘how can you say abortion is wrong when Pope Francis said that?’”

StevenD-Jasper said...

he should be a writer for Patheos.

Anonymous said...

JPII did EXACTLY the same thing concerning capital punishment and nobody said "boo," especially "orthodox Catholics." I'm not justifying Francis' behavior. I'm just saying that "orthodox Catholics, especially those trained in theology" had a chance to hold JPII's feet to the fire concerning capital punishment and either failed or refused to do so. Why?

TTC said...

Saint JPII's reign was certainly not flawless, as no mortal man's is -- his Liturgies occasionally embraced mortals who place themselves at Golgotha to put on a freak show, he kissed the koran (though years later I embraced the possibility he was kissing our cross), but he DID NOT do the same thing Pope Francis is doing. Not by a long shot.

Everything Saint John Paul II wrote and said opened up the beauty of faithfulness to Christ.

He did encourage the faithful to evangelize to reduce capital punishment -- which we do.

Pope Francis caricatures a broad range of Church teaching as 2000 years of errors that our people should ignore. He's built a papacy upon slandering and ridiculing the faithful practice of obtaining Sanctifying Grace. He's cheapened and nullified Sanctifying Grace --which Christ gave His Life to give us -- and twisted our religion into the practice of finding virtue in sin and social service.

Everything Pope Francis says misleads the people we love.

Do not come to this site and compare the diabolical circus of this papacy to Saint John Paul II!

TTC said...

I am relieved to hear Barbara Nicolosi has stopped teaching. Her theology occasionally derails and she is incapable of accepting the correction of her errors. Attempts to give her the goods resulted in quite a show of rage.

It is sad that this papacy is derailing converts who were attracted to our religion and theology and Christ's precious Gift of Sanctifying Grace.

It is a scandal.

TLM said...

It is more than a 'scandal'. I don't know how anyone can look at the rot happening and call it anything but diabolical insanity. These 'ramblings' are nothing less than an ultimate betrayal of Christ and His Church.

'DIS & 'DAT said...

Is Pope Francis saying that the Church refuses sinners entry? Or is he saying that if they do come, the Church uncharitably refuses them Communion just because they haven't gone to Confession. I don't get it. What is Pope Francis really saying?

Michael Dowd

TTC said...

When I read context, it conveyed he was talking about Church Laws that lead souls to Sancrifying Grace.

Anonymous said...

perversion let loose....thanks to Francis.


Theresa said...

I must have missed a lot over the years ...I just can't for the life of me recall any parish that I've attended having a detector at the front door to discern who the mortal sinners were that were entering the church ...let alone any priest from the pulpit humiliating anyone about the state of their soul.Have we all gone daft thinking that this malarkey is reality? Apparently the bishop of Rome thinks we believe it.

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget the fact that one of the closest advisors to this train wreck of a papacy is own own sandal wearing Capuchin Cardinal.

Nice work Cardinal Sean, let's give credit where credit is due.

Anonymous said...

"Everything Saint John Paul II wrote and said opened up the beauty of faithfulness to Christ."

Not when he deliberately ignored both Scripture and Tradition to promulgate a view of capital punishment that ignores both...nor when he engaged in de facto syncretism at his first inter-religious meeting at Assisi in 1986. Even the future Pope Benedict (as head of the CDF at the time) view the development with disdain but said nothing publicly.

History will show that, in many ways, JPII laid the egg that Francis is hatching as we speak.