Wednesday, March 18, 2015

EWTNs Strange Attack on the Catholic Action League, Voris and Pewsitter on behalf of the Knights of Columbus

Remember that peculiar EWTN article that published from CNA that quoted three mysterious sissies (two from the Kof C and one Church official) who tried to pin a scandal of their own making onto Catholics offended by it?

This was the incident where the Knights failed to engage for the 23 years Catholics fought to retain Catholic values in the St. Patrick's Day Parade and then once it became another clapping fornication event joined the parade as Catholics were exiting. After the lewd and lascivious pride parade marchers were added to the Irish Catholic event, the backlash became so great, they withdrew from the parade. They subsequently retaliated against CJ Doyle, Michael Voris and Pewsitter by claiming CJ Doyle and the Catholic Action League got their profane members to send them nasty messages.

I don't find their allegation credible for several reasons. One, I personally caught them in three lies (which I'll get to in a minute). Two, Catholic Action League members are mostly professional people who are daily Mass-goers, prolifers or Latin Rite Catholics. They're not the swearing type.

I found it really odd that EWTN would run the article at CNA defending the Knights without getting the other side of the story.

What reputable Catholic newspaper would defend joining a march to clap for fornication without saying to themselves, Hold on a minute, why are we defending marching for clapping fornication after the Mayor ran the Catholics out of the parade for 23 years - maybe we should find out more details. After all, the Knights and Church official aren't man enough to use their name which indicates they didn't want to stand behind what they were saying or be held accountable for lies.

You don't have to be a professional or seasoned journalist to uphold these minimal standards. If you're on a pursuit to publish truth, the KofC spin stinks to the high heavens of a code red in exchange for a cash donation to the Register from the Knights.

Astoundingly, EWTN then ran the story in the Register. They then blasted it from their radio station.

What kind of yellow-bellied journalism are they sinking to?

What's next?

A story about Voris provoked Cardinal Dolan's mafia hit men beat him up because he asked a question? (This is one of the creepiest things I have ever witnessed from a prelate. Don't even get me going!)

A call for unity in their pastoral heresy?

I'm going to start calling the Register the National Catholic Quisling.

As for the trilogy of fibs from the MA KofC, I first contacted them when I was told that they discussed their participation in the clapping fornication parade with Cardinal O'Malley and Carl Anderson -- and both gave them the 'thumbs up'.

Knowing how the Chancery functions, I specifically asked whether they spoke to the Cardinal directly or the name of the individual who told them the Cardinal approved it.

After several accusations that my trustworthy sources were lying about what they said, they fessed up and wrote me an email saying they had misspoke -- the Cardinal didn't approve but Carl Anderson did.

I wrote to Carl Anderson - copied them - and subsequently received a message saying nobody said Carl Anderson approved. I re-sent the email with their own written verification - and they STILL said nobody from the Knights ever said Carl Anderson approved. There it was in black and white, but that was their story and they were sticking to it.

I was never anything but respectful to them in any conversation I had with them. Yet, again, trustworthy sources told me that the Deputy was referring to me as 'some broad'. I circled back with him -- and he denied he said it.

Everyone was a liar but him.

It is becoming clearer by the minute that we no longer have a Catholic newspaper loyal to the Mystical Body of Christ above all things. It is also becoming increasingly clear that apostolates like the Catholic Action League, Immaculate Heart of Mary School, ChurchMilitant TV, Pewsitter and a couple of handfuls of Catholic bloggers are more relevant and powerful than apostolates where millions of dollars are being poured into them.

Deo Gratis!

Fare the well. The time has come.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Poor Mother Angelica! She must be heart-broken to see what happened to the outreach she labored to build!

Anonymous said...

1 Peter 4:8 with a gloss (addendum): Charity covereth a multitude of sins, and so does a good lie or two or more.

Gail Besse Ryberg said...

I left a message similar to the one below on the Register's website two days ago, but - surprise - it had not surfaced as of this morning:

This National Catholic Register article is unethical. It quotes all unnamed sources and has no response by C.J. Doyle in his own defense. I thought that was Journalism 101, to include both sides of the story and to never run with all unnamed sources. The article leaves out huge parts of the story. For one, the Mass. Council of Knights declined to march in the parade during the past 23 years when homosexual groups were pushing to be included. Then this year, when the groups succeeded, a faithful Catholic school group pulled out of the parade, but the Knights decided to join. Their timing was giving a veneer of religiosity to a parade that had lost its soul as standing for faith and family. This "article" appears to be a K of C press release in sour-grapes response to Mr. Doyle's having alerted Catholics to the situation. He and other groups maligned here did not misrepresent a thing. They should be commended by the Catholic press rather than being thrown under the bus. C.J. and others deserve an apology and a corrective article as big as this one that smears them.

TTC said...

Great message Gail.

I also left a comment which hasn't appeared.

Why is comment moderation on this article?

I don't think they have it on others?

Anonymous said...

The Knights are big financial donors to EWTN...enough said.

Reader said...

I neither like nor trust CNA -- politically correct and liberal to its core. Bad news when EWTN merged with them. But I state the obvious.