Thursday, March 19, 2015

For once, I think John Allen is right on the money - Pope Francis does NOT care about luring a million or even retaining what's left of Latin Rite Catholics

It isn't often I disagree with Fr. Z (and I've never disagreed with his faithful right-on-the-money articulation of Church teaching), but I thought my perspective was worth sharing on this post.

John Allen has written an article about Williamson and SSPXers that basically states SSPX the Church isn't interested in investing resources to lure one million pigheaded terrorists back to the Church, but they would like to lasso the power to ordain.

They'll put millions into resources to lure 100 eight-year-old apostate nuns but a million SSPXers is like the dirt that comes off the bottom of their shoe.

Fr. Z is astounded by Allen's chilling tone and content. But, one would be hard pressed to come up with any evidence to contradict Allen in this papacy. Every shred of evidence suggests that not only does Pope Francis not want SSPXers back, he wants to get rid of anyone attracted to or practicing TLM that is still on the Ark of the Covenant.

I don't think the ride on the end of the Holy Father's shoe is limited to Latin Rite Catholics - it's anyone unwilling to sign their children up to Kasper's heresy. But, he's spent the first two years of his papacy attacking, discrediting, dismantling and sabotaging TLM Catholic families.

Is anyone surprised that Williamson is watching the nuthouse and getting a fleet ready to collect those who will undoubtedly despair when the Synod unravels?

It was predictable.

It's kind of shocking for the press to say it out loud, but let us face it: Allen is absolutely right. LOL


min-bee said...

The Francine papacy has been a disaster for those who believe and support the Church's authentic teaching and its beautiful traditional liturgy.

The wacky nuns probably have a mental age of "eight" (I know several), but their chronological age is more likely in the "eighties." (At least this is an amusing typo.) As you point out, Francis allows so many church resources to be diverted to causes he espouses, such as the LCWR.

What a coup it also is that Francis--who is he to judge?--has been praised by the world for turning practicing homosexual perverts and predators into a "victim" class that the Church is now to "welcome" and make amends to. What a great opportunity for these deluded souls to proselytize and groom Catholic children for the "lesbian,bisexual,gay,transgender,
queer" way of life.

Anonymous said...

Just noticed that THE TENTH CRUSADE is a blog for rabbits.

Now I can rest my sore rabbit paws, stop hopping away from the Francine pope's shoe as he aims it at my fluffy bunny tail, and relax in the haven your blog provides.

Twitching my soft bunny nose with delight. Thank you.

TTC said...


I change that message from time to time with something that adds a little humor!

This one will suit us for a while!

Anonymous said...

You are all forgetting one important fact: Pope Francis is a Jesuit. The Jesuit order is perhaps the most worldly and secularized of all the orders, and has been for decades, at least. That fact alone explains a lot.

Anonymous said...

Those who have been in the trenches long before I personally did my homework concerning the VII debaucle and the modernist twisting of the truth will carry on Catholic and those who choose to keep the blinders on will be swept away in the lies to come in October. There is some good news though ..we are now being informed that the new Scalfari /Francis interview reveals that hell doesn't exist...those who reject God....Francis's version of God ...just fade away into nothingness....looks like good times ahead kids!