Monday, March 16, 2015

MA KofC Claims THEY are victims

MA KofC spoke to media machine CNA and through an 'anonymous source' that sounds exactly like Russel Steinback, claims they are the victims of a smear campaign.

Basically, an unsigned article from EWTN citing three anonymous sources accusing CJ Doyle of successfully getting the message out.

“The fact is that Doyle and his group created a scandal,” the source said. “The Knights were marching in defense of the faith, and did not want to leave the parade because they wanted someone in the parade to continue to stand for Church teaching. They believed that pulling out of this parade would abandon it entirely to non-Catholic elements, and that this would not be helpful to the evangelization of the people of Boston.”

CJ didn't create a scandal. Marty Walsh and the people who tried to force Catholics to clap for sex created the scandal.

Further, the KofC claiming they only wanted someone in the parade to stand for Church teaching is like having Bill and Hillary Clinton crash the Synod claiming they only wanted to defend the Deposit of Faith!

These people just don't get what happened.

They sat in the spectator seats at the Coliseum for 23 years as the Romans released ravenous lions to kill us. They help elect and support our oppressors. Now they book a ride in the Roman chariots at their victory parade and tell the scarred and broken warriors it's all about defending the faith?


If the KofC wanted to stand for Church teaching, they would have stood with defenders of the faith in our Catholic parade for the last 23 years.

If the KofC spends a couple of decades empowering the election and careers of proabortion politicians and sabotaging the election of prolifers, when you claim you are putting on your capes and swords to drive a truck on East 4th Street to "get out a prolife message", nobody should have to explain why that message is received as duplicitous and farcical.

Nobody should have to explain why we don't line children up on the side of the streets to clap for a political event blaspheming a Catholic Saint.

Eyewitnesses reported that they did not see a single family - NOT ONE family with children at the contemptible political attack on Catholics. It was all college kids drinking booze. Nobody should have to explain why lucid Catholic mothers kept their families away from Marty Walsh passing out crack pipes to the uncatechized drunks.

This was my favorite part:

One Catholic official in New England suggested that the effect of this campaign could be chilling for any Catholic group trying to evangelize in a public forum.

“What is now clear to Catholics in Boston is that if your strategy for spreading the faith differs from someone like Doyle’s, they will attack you personally, will unleash their angry and uncharitable followers, and won’t let the facts get in the way of their agenda.”

Is that not the kicker?

It isn't the politicians they help elect and bestow honors upon silencing evangelization, it isn't the lavender mafia silencing evangelization, it isn't thugs who won't let us have a Catholic event without clapping for fornication silencing evangelization, it isn't the 50 years of ordaining and hiring heretics, it isn't the Catechism they flushed down the toilets, it isn't a Pope endorsing immoral conduct and slandering faithful Catholics.

It's us not letting these facts get in the way of an agenda. Clearly somebody who can't see beyond the end of their own nose.

Finally, as a woman who spoke respectfully to Rusell Steinback who then later referred to me as 'some broad', his allegation his critics were angry and vulgar is not very believable.

The Knights of Columbus are bleeding members because they do not uphold the faith. They have smeared themselves and the parade is the tip of an iceberg.


Anonymous said...

Anonymity covers a multitude of smears (cf. 1 Peter 4:8).

Dymphna said...

People need to stay away from the offical St. Patrick's day parades. They are just an excuse to get drunk and exhibit oneself.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

What a crock. This might, and I do mean "might", be believable if the knights in Massachusetts hadn't been enabling the grievous assault against marriage in the state. It was K of C members in the legislature who legalized gay "marriage" in the state. If it weren't for the knights voting for it, that abomination would have failed. What a bunch of hypocritical pharisees these men are pretending that they were marching to defend the faith! The Knights are showing their true colors all over the country and their "fraternity" is beginning to crack. Here in Virginia it's civil war with the state convention coming up in May. Thank God! Jesus said he came to divide -- to divide the truth from the lie. Bring it on!