Saturday, March 14, 2015

What's next for Marty Walsh?

Now that Mayor Marty Walsh has turned children's parades into public confessions of sexual conduct and misconduct, I wonder what family and children's events Marty will foist sex into next.

Catholic Feast Day Parades. Marty could add Boston parades named after other Catholic Saints, each one with it's own sexual theme. A patron saint for each parade: people who proudly have one night stands, people attracted to prostitutes, people attracted to phone sex, people attracted to sadomasochism.

Nobody would acknowledge his antiCatholic bigotry and mockery of the Catholic religion for what it is.

Italian Catholic Feasts in the North End. They could add parade floats to ride behind the statues of the Holy Family and Catholic Saints and the children could pin money on people who tell tourists about their sex life.

Disney on Ice. The skaters could push a chariot loaded with people wearing shirts about the sex they have and tell all the children to yell 'woot-woot'.

Barnum and Bailey's Three-Ring Circus. All the lights could be turned off and they ride in on elephants and the children could salute with light-up phallic symbols.

Swan Boats. A swan boat could be designated for each type of sexual attraction.

Why not?

The Chancery would say they're not sponsoring the events so it has nothing to do with them.

Cardinal Dolan could serve as the parade marshal.

The Knights of Columbus could sponsor floats to help all the little children.

The Jesuits at Boston College could invite Marty to be the commencement speaker.

The Pontifical Council for Culture could make an infomercial for each parade.

The Roman Curia could work them into October's Synod on the Family.

Pope Francis could invite everyone to Communion after the parades.

Patheos could attack Catholics who disapprove of the errors, omissions and craven conduct of the shepherds.

You can't make this stuff up!


Edison Frisbee said...

I just hope +Dolan gets photo-bombed by every S&M Leather fetish freak in the parade...what a legacy!

breathnach said...

Marty Walsh's parents came from two townlands in south Connemara, Carna and Rosmuc, that were known (in the 19th and into the 20th century) to scholars and artists in Europe as source areas for the purest (and most ancient) forms of folklore and cultural tradition. Linguists and philologists from Germany made pilgrimages to the area to study the roots of the Irish language there. Literary artists like W.B. Yeats and playwright John Millington Synge were insired by the peasantry there. Yeats' brother Jack, the artist, was especially devoted and inspired by the people and the region. The leader of the 1916 Easter rebellion,and one of the founders of a free, modern Irish state, Padraic Pearse, was mesmerized by the area and it's language tradition, and spent his summers in Rosmuc. My own parents come from the same villages. The Roman Catholic Faith was preeminent in their lives. Then my mind turns to Marty Walsh, and all he represents, although an indirect product of the area, he has cheapened all it stood for. He truly sickens me.

Anonymous said...

Saint Patrick himself would be fiercely opposed to a sex display at any family event. Marty Walsh is filth.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Fr would think the Druids were having their revenge.

Anonymous said...

Restore DC Catholicism has a video of the sisters from Immaculate Heart of Mary School you must see! "The Leaving of Boston"