Saturday, March 28, 2015

Mike Pence Signs Religious Conscience Protections into Indiana Law.

In your kindness, please pray prayers of protection for Mike Pence and lift him up in prayer at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass during our holy week.

The demons are thrashing about.

When my family immigrated from Ireland, they settled into Roxbury which at that time had a large Jewish population. We lived in a three-decker on the top floor. The family below us were traditional Jews who practiced shabbat.

Many a Friday evening or Saturday, she would open up her back door and call our name and ask us to open the refrigerator to retrieve something for her or help with another task during their hours of fasting and prayer.

Those were the days when the diversity of America loved and supported religious and constitutional freedom. We didn't have the challenge of politicians enacting immoral law that kills the body and souls of our countrymen. There were no priests, bishops and popes who cheered them on, or marched in parades that are the flaunt and haunt of demons.

Life wasn't as complicated as it is now. I am so grateful to have lived in those days, to have the memory of a world of innocence and virtue and goodness.

I read the headlines of a story on the Indiana law that really had me thinking. It said something like "Indiana adopts law that allows businesses to refuse to serve gays".

I didn't bother to read the article because I knew where it was going, but I was truly taken back by it. It pains me to think our homosexual brothers and sisters are being led to believe this is about coming into a store to buy an ice cream cone or cup of coffee. Could they possibly believe we are guessing or thinking about sexual preferences when they come up to a counter to buy a can of paint?

I find it hard to believe anyone could fall into this malicious and ludicrous caricature, but I would urge all to go out of their way to ensure our homosexual brothers and sisters that this is BS.

This law is not about gays who come into a bakery and say "I'll have a dozen red velvet cupcakes'. In that business transaction, we are not being asked to use our talents and gifts and business to participate in the shill of Americans willing to rob you of your salvation or life. It's not even about a homosexual asking us to bake cupcakes for their barber shop or law office. That we can do. What we can't and won't do is use our talent to supply cupcakes to a Planned Parenthood event, an Nazi event, a Klu Klux Clan event because it is blood money. For the same reasons, we will not use the gifts God gave us to hoodwink homosexuals planning a celebration of marriage.

You want to do that, go right ahead. It's none of our business. Unless, of course, you make it our business. If and when you do make it our business, we are placed in the position of committing sin.

God knows there's plenty of priests and bishops in the world cheering us into the spiritual suicide of our immortal souls. Whether we are married heterosexuals attracted to the eyecandy at the gym or bus, separated, divorced, widowed, homosexuals -- no matter what our attractions to sin, the movement to guide us into believing it's okay or good or God's judgment upon sin is the delusion of antiquated sourpusses has infiltrated Christ's Church. All the way to the Chair of Peter.

We are deep in the doodoo. But this too shall pass and Christ's promises that the gates of hell will never prevail against His Deposit of Faith shall come to pass.

The consequences of bishops and popes collaborating and working with misguided, uncatechized and just plain evil politicians are upon us. This means many of our people will be forced to choose between a roof over their heads and food in their children's mouths and bartering away our salvation by committing sin to feed our children.

It is a terrible position. The squeezola is on.

There are constitutional laws that stop people from forcing Americans to do something against their religion. If this was about diversity and decency and respect, you would walk to the cupcake store across the street and ask them to be a participant in your celebration.

Maybe some of it is misunderstanding.

But most of it is a deliberate assault against practicing Catholics who will never give you the nudge and the wink when you want to kill your baby or live with or marry your same sex lover.

God Bless and protect Mike Pence for his valiant stand against the malicious enemy prowling to consume the heirs of Christ's Sacraments and salvation.


M. Prodigal said...

The 'eye of Sauron' will be upon him now and the demonic forces such as 'planned parenthood' and NARAL and the militant sodomites will put their money and resources and the souls in their pockets to work against him now. But he did the right thing. Suffering can come from doing the right thing but Jesus is our Exemplar and it is He we follow and it is the way of the Cross.

Anonymous said...

Gotta ask, why do you think that a gay person wouldn't be a good neighbor and do the same? Whatever happened to wwjd? It wasn't til men started writing his narative that we get ask this hate, Jesus did unto others, no matter religion or color or health. Wwjd?

TTC said...

Anon at 5:28,

I'm sorry, but I sincerely don't know what you're talking about.

Do you know what this post is about?

Have you read what it says?

Are you paying attention to what is happening in the world?

Why do you think a Catholic wouldn't be a good doctor? Nurse? Pharmacist?

Aren't all the things we do to heal and comfort people a gift to our fellow countrymen?

Isn't it worth letting us do it and when you want to kill your unwanted children and sick relatives - go to the doctor down the street who hasn't pledged their immortal soul to Christ and to never do any harm to any of his people?

Aren't the things we do to serve our country in the military and culture a gift?

Can't you let us do it without asking us to clap for same sex lovers?

Can't you let us own businesses without demanding we pay for the murders of innocent children or participate at a gay wedding?

Aren't we good enough neighbors?

Please. Do not come to this blog and caricature what is going on in this world as Catholics acting unChrist like.

We are the victims.

TTC said...

M. Prodigal,

I appreciate your comments but had I noticed the use of the word sodomites, I not have published it.

Anonymous said...


Putting aside the fact that WWJD is trite evangelical tool I would expect Jesus to cleanse the temple along the lines of John 2:13-16 and Matthew 21:12-13.

Jesus is not the powderpuff bronie you make him about to be to support your twisted agenda.

As previously stated we are the victims. You are trying to crush are rights and freedoms.

TTC said...

I can tell you with absolute certainty:

Jesus does not tell distraught women who made a mistake that killing her child is an option for her.

Jesus does not bake cupcakes for a gay wedding.

Jesus does not lead a clapping fornication parade.

There is no burden to society to let us own a business and perform services that are pleasing to Christ.

Anyone and everyone who wants to kill their own flesh and blood or purchase cupcakes for their gay wedding can go to a bakery of a person who does not hold religious beliefs that forbid hoodwinking and holding your hand through your own spiritual suicide.

We try to be practictioners in everything we do, every service we perform, every deed, every interaction, every thought and spoken or written word.

This is the precipice of the religious bigotry that drives us out of town because we can't feed our children our house our children.

You are enabling our murderers in every country and pretending you do not see our ethnic cleansing.

At some point, you will be setting up cages in the Boston Common, pouring gasoline on us and lighting a match.

This blog is here to remind you of your commission and omission.

Gail Besse Ryberg said...

I am praying for Gov. Mike Pence. Thank you for reminding me.