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Fr. Nicholson on the real Pope Francis effect

I'm working on a few home projects and finally sat down to relax around 9pm last night. I didn't know whether to do a cartwheel or cry when I watched Fr. Nicholson's latest message to Catholic crackerjacks.

Kindly note that he refers to Pope Francis as our beloved Holy Father - not "Bergolio".

Fr. Nicholson does a beautiful job explaining how St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict gradually cleaned up the chaos of ordaining pedophiles, sexually active priests and heretics and the challenges we face with Pope Francis. He explains how the pontificate grants new licenses to abusers who smell his lack of authority to sanctify and govern, and how they are taking advantage of the chaos to lead Christ's people to sprees of promiscuity and vice.

It's a revival of the complex confusion and rampant heresy of our priests, nuns, teachers that took place in the 60s.

From the perspective of a mother who catechized her children, led them away from bad priests, took pains to clarify and lead them to priests who would substantiate Church teaching, I believe the toll of consequences has already taken place. In the context of living in community, many uncatechized souls struggling with the substance of evangelization have fallen into error. I see many Catholic apostolates being overrun, toppled and destroyed.

The Holy Father has made upholding teaching the distinction between right and wrong, good and evil, sin and virtue and the tools of fiat to live in the daily pursuit of Sanctifying Grace, nearly impossible. We march on but we have been robbed of our effectiveness.

At this point, nobody cares about the drivel of taking refuge in Pope Francis own personal beliefs. That journey is about his own day of Judgment. His role, which I have yet to see him assume, is to teach, substantiate, empower and preserve the 2000 years of tools for salvation that are in his possession.

It is interesting that Fr. Nicholson speaks about this sad development in the context of Holy Week, the events that follow his adoration on Palm Sunday.

Observing the damage and speaking to other Catholics, my own feelings about the bleep show, my gut instincts are his pontificate will not recover the respect and trust of practicing Catholics. Too many things and people have been sifted like wheat. He crossed the Rubicon.

But with God, all things are possible. We are all praying and we are dealing with a God of surprises. LOL.

I duly note Fr. Nicholson takes the position that Pope Francis' words are poorly translated and spun, I suspect in charity.

Pope Francis message is sometimes poorly translated and spun.

Most of us have lived through the pontificates of two or three popes.

Perhaps once or twice in the pontificates of Saint John Paul II and Pope Benedict. I don't ever remember it happening in the pontificate of St. John Paul II, but I do recall it happening once or twice during the reign of Pope Bendict XVI.

With Pope Francis, the phenomenon happens every time he opens his mouth.

Even setting aside Pope Francis appointment of Cardinal Kasper and his request his see adopt his theology, setting aside the deception around the synod, his order to insert heresy into the Relatio after it had been voted out, the vote on doctrine passed around the world, the appointments of heretics to his curia, the perverted sexualization of women coming out of the Pontifical Council of Culture, his work empowering communists in America, the complete absence of moral theology, the two years of statements slandering the actions of Catholic families teaching the daily pursuit of Sanctifying Grace --I could go on and on but I think you get the picture -- even setting all these things aside, the idea that something suddenly snapped in the ability to comprehend the Holy Father's spoken words just doesn't gel.

At the end of his video, Fr. Nicholson gives calm, rational and sound advice on what to do. Pay close attention to his advice on discovering an abuser, which he defines as an ecclesiastical bully or a sexual pervert. We have to pull together, raise our voices, pool our resources and foist a petard.

You want to run an apostolate, a parish, a see and teach heresy?

You're going to find your initiative exposed on the internet.

You want to bully and threaten us for exposing it?

You're going to find those dirty deeds exposed on the internet.

The chit you call in to have us slandered at the National Catholic Register isn't going to help you anymore.

If we hear from your lawyers, it's going on the internet and your lawyers will meet our lawyers.

You had a good run. We let it get all the way up to the Chair of Peter. But it's over now.

We've had a lot of momentum over the past few months. The last few weeks have been very encouraging. But when I heard the final moments of Fr. Nicholson's video, I was overwhelmed with relief. We did it. We pulled it together.

Deo Gratis.


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The Francis effect in the Philippines:

Filipino Bishops Reverse Position on LGBT Non-Discrimination Bill

Bondings 2.0: New Ways Ministry
March 25, 2015

In a reversal from their earlier position, the Catholic bishops of the Philippines have endorsed an LGBT non-discrimination bill, with only one reservation.

Earlier this month, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines sent a pastoral guidance letter to dioceses endorsing non-discrimination as a “Christian imperative,” reports Gay Star News. Archbishop Socrates Villegas, the conference’s president, said further:

” ‘Insofar as the proposed piece of legislation renders illegitimate the relegation of persons with sexual orientation and gender identity issues to citizens of a lower category enjoying fewer rights, the CBCP cannot but lend its support to this proposed legislative measure.’

” ‘We must however reiterate that none must be demeaned, embarrassed, or humiliated for reasons of sexual orientation and gender identity.’ “

This support comes as legislators are about to pass a Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity bill, which the bishops opposed in 2011. During a committee hearing earlier this year, a representative of the conference actually opposed this current bill saying some forms of discrimination were acceptable. The only caveat desired by the bishops now is that they retain full control of who is admitted into the priesthood, reserving the right to discriminate including due to sexual orientation.

The bishops’ initial opposition to protecting the rights of all people has clearly changed. Perhaps it is due to Pope Francis’ recent visit and his ongoing emphasis on mercy and the dignity of all persons: the Francis Effect. Now, Archbishop Villegas is telling Filipino Catholics that sexual orientation and gender identity are gifts from God and, as such, are not chosen. What other fruits can we expect for LGBT equality in this heavily Catholic nation?

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Very encouraging Carol!

I wonder what Michael Voris thinks about Fr. Nicholson's veiled attack on Pope Francis. They work very closely together or did.

Michael Dowd