Saturday, March 21, 2015

Sure looks like Cardinal Dolan ordered his goon Joe Zwilling to have Michael Voris manhandled.

Do you have anything to say to faithful Catholics scandalized by what you are doing?

Nah. Come on in, we'd love to have ya.



StevenD-Jasper said...

I watched this earlier. What a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Yep. Dolan is a man of his times : media hungry, desparate to be loved by the world, a sell-out to celebrity culture, and more concerned about offending the demigod of hedonism than Our Lord... and to top it off, he will have his goons remove anybody who reminds him of the truth. Dolan is a dolt; and a traitor.

Anonymous said...

C'mon let's look at the pattern here.

- this incident
- Fr Rosica attacking a VoxCantoris
- Volpi's FFI debacle
- Cardinal O'Malley throwing Bishop Finn under the bus on 60 minutes yet not one peep about the Pope's Juan de la Cruz Barros Madrid appointment

When does this nonsense stop?

It is quite clear Dolan, Volpi, O'Malley, Rosica, et al do not possess supernatural faith.

It's sad that we need to find and stick closely with any priest/parish that believes and promotes the supernatural faith wherever one can be found.

Anonymous said...

God bless Mr Voris ...there's a great Video over at the remnant...We Want Our Church Back.....these buffoons need to be outed 24/7 and hopefully we will all unite to accomplish this through Rosary, frequent reception of the Blessed Sacrament, confession and solid media sources like Tenth Crusade!

Timothy G Murphy said...

His Eminence Cardinal Timothy Dolan and His Prominence Michael Voris are too too similar.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking Cardinal Dolan may not like Michael Voris.

Steve Dalton said...

Well, is Mikey going to follow his own advice and write a letter to the Pope griping about how Dolan had him manhandled? Mikey ought to remember the man he told us not to publically criticize is the one who approved Dolan for that office. Vortex Boy can whine and wail till the cows come home, but until he starts pointing the finger at the man in charge, he can expect to be bounced around by other bishop's thugs in the future.

Anonymous said...

Voris should file charges. Period. This is *still* the United States of America.

Consolamini said...

Mike is a big boy He can defend himself