Friday, May 29, 2015

Brandeis University preventing appointment of Catholic Priest and obstructing Mass?

Our friends at BCI have posted a very disturbing post about Brandeis University.

Sources tell BCI that in leaving Brandeis, Fr. Cuenin organized a student “initiative” to change the nature of Chaplaincy. Initially, Brandeis said they would be working with the Boston Archdiocese to fill the role. Fr. Dan Moloney was proposed by the Boston Archdiocese and started saying Masses at Brandeis in early February. But Brandeis said they wanted to consider a new vision for the chaplaincy. We are told that Fr. Moloney was found by the “Cuenin acolytes” to be “inadequately liberal, aka Cuenine” and rejected. He is not longer there, sources also tell us there is no regular Catholic Mass on campus, and students are still being directed to “progressive” Churches that may not be anywhere near Waltham. We have also heard that Cuenin is still “advising”, aka undermining, the Brandeis Catholic students, even sending them to WomenPriests for Mass.

Do you believe Walter Cuenin is still yanking students into vices from the spiritual treatment center?

I've never been able to understand how the Archdiocese got away with sending a priest with an obsession about gay sex to a college where young teenage boys could cause a stir in his own trousers.

You are obsessed with gay sex so we're going to pluck you out of the parish. Please give us back the money you stole. Your new assignment is the men's locker room at the gym. Talk about stupidity.

According to BCI sources, Brandeis has put a member of the faculty who is gaga for Buddah and 'gay religion' to spearhead 'the search for a new chaplain'. In the meantime, another dame is directing students away from local priests to distant parishes where students are lured into the trap of adulterous relationships.

BCI cannot fathom how a secular college committee of any sort–let alone one set-up like this–would be in a position to set the requirements for a Catholic priest/chaplain.

What in Sam Hill is going on here?

Some phone calls are in order. I'll post some numbers on Monday.

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