Friday, May 29, 2015

Update on fired Seton Hall Priest

He admits he has same-sex attractions and asks for a'sabbatical'.

Cut it out!

The NJ priest said he's committed to celibacy but simply desired to make public announcements on where his lust is directed. Explaining the reasons why he spent years encouraging same sex to his flock.

Catholics need to have insight into the objects of his lustful thoughts about as much as we need to know what size underpants they wear.

Just teach our children the Magisterium and tools for salvation and keep your attractions to sin and vices in the confessional where they belong.

Get over yourself. Asking children to endorse a situation that robs them of their salvation is despicable.

It is half-passed time the Holy Father make judgments that homosexual priests have infested the world with their errors instead of teaching and sanctifying our children and leave worries about the temperature of the earth to scientists and fringe lunatics.

He watched his children endangered and his only gesture was appointing a gay priest who said sodomy is Eucharistic to the Holy See.

Think about that.

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't care what others think? Has to be true to himself?where does God fit in? Never a should have been a Priest!