Tuesday, May 12, 2015

It's Official

As far as I am concerned Lious Verrechio's has left little room for doubt: he's a jerk.


Anonymous said...

OK, I'll bite. Why is he a jerk?

Edison Frisbee said...

He takes Fr. Paul Nicholson to the woodshed....if he is a jerk, let us have more jerks!

Clare said...

Anon 12:11, He told the truth about Fr. Nicholson's breathtaking hypocrisy.

May Fr. Grunner rest in peace.

'DIS & 'DAT said...

Let him who is without sin cast......

Michael Dowd

Lynne said...
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Anonymous said...

I listen to ALL of them (i.e. Vericchio, Fr Nicholson, Fr Gruner, Mike Matt, Fr Kramer, Ferrara, Blessed Carol McKinley, Fr Malichai Martin, JPII, Fr Benedict 16, Fr Grochell, Fr Fox, Vennari, Voris, AB Fulton Sheen, Mother Angelica,). None of them are perfect. But it is sad to see people attacking Fr Gruner. St Francis said that people who follow God in the end times will be called schematics etc. I do not know if that applies to this time but I do not think Gruner is schematic at all ; but MAYBE disobedient within his vocation which is not so bad as it goes now-adays. So I pray for him and hope he is proven right and made a Saint. There are a lot of Saints on my list above - THANK GOD FOR THEM!
I would not go as far as to join a schematic group - I stay and try to avoid the false "Unity" sermons where I am SURE that even the loonies can give a valid Confession.

These are THINGS I do HATE:
The satanic medjugorje-Fraud;
POSSIBLE Masons Lying about 4th secret of Fatima; TV shows about the fulfillment of Fatima staring the "fall of communism" when we have marxists in our Whitehouse and the financiers of Communism still living in a manison on the Hudson and in Castles in Europe.

'DIS & 'DAT said...

I was told by an Opus Dei Supernumerary friend to stay away from Fr. Grunner and the Catholic Family News because of their association with SSPX. Fr. Nicholson says the same thing and he, I think, follows Opus Dei guidance as does Michael Voris.

Personnaly, I do not like this internecine bickering as I support them all financially as they do work that needs to be done that no one else does.

Michael Dowd

TTC said...

Fr Gruner was a spiritually sick priest man. He was so sick, his faculties were suspended. The diabolical disorientation that surrounded him during his life now continues a after his death. The same diabolical disorientation permeates SSPX.

Lou didn't take Fr Nicholson to the shed whatsoever. He disclosed a persorsonal situation about one of the dog of a bishops that are impeding salvation. What Lou did was demonstrate that he has turned into a vicious and rabid dog. Something we all eventually encounter with SSPX.

Lou is the poster boy for the nutcases Pope Francis uses to keep faithful Catholjcs out of seminaries or slander those who have sought refuge in TLM to escape the Mapplethorpe they shove down the throats of the uncatechized.

Lou is really more than a jerk and the phenomenon probably deserves articulating in a post, given the responses here.

TTC said...


Thanks for sharing. I just can't get over the diabolical disorientation, bold faced lies and venom that accompanies SSPX and Fr Gruner, who was off of his rocker.

They are now willing to help bad bishops by giving them ammunition. They don't give a ray's patoot about the preservation ofnthentools for salvation against the real enemy. The enemy to them are people who point out they have left the Ark of the Covenant on a canoe with schismatics.

SSPX has never failed to show itself to me as an apostolate in the hands of the ancient deceiver.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:50 PM replying

Thanks Carol for the input.
The SSPX sets off my radar as a cult.
What is someone showed up for their Mass without a suit and tie - they would just not - that is more extreme and more exclusive than pre-Vat2. It looks like pre-vat2 but pre-vat2 was Catholic with no doubts and VISIBLE to ALL. For SSPX I have to dissect the internet to find them.
I think their problem is that they should be in full union with the Church but they fear that Pope Francis will use his power to then dismantle them as he probably will. But being IN the Church is more important than the SSPX SOCIETY. I say let the SSPX SOCIETY be destroyed by Pope Francis if he chooses but then the members can still be in the Church and add to our ranks - I mean the ranks of Traditional Catholics in Faith and Morals. They can always try to set up a new society until that is destroyed - isn't that what Call To Action has done for years? Mother Angelica agrees with you Carol. Let me re-word her words to fit what you may be saying and how I should see things:

VOTF = Catholic minus faith and morals
SSPX = VOTF + faith and morals
But VOTF does not equal Catholic
And SSPX does not equal Catholic

One is inside but out (way out in la la land)
One is out but in.
But both are OUT.
VOTF = Apostacy
SSPX = Schezmatic

Your other point is EXCELLENT that SSPX gives the loonies fuel to attack true Catholics.

Both Jesus and Mary call for Unity.
I see that as Unity = Truth = Jesus.
SSPX is NOT in union but has Truth so it is NOT what Jesus and Mary want.

Unity Sermon priests have a wacky idea of "unity".
They see unity as being everyone gets along no matter what. And do NOt let Truth divide this false unity. Do not allow killing babies before they can be Baptized to "divide" the false-unity. You know the story.... but they also use the SSPX views to hit us over the head during these false-unity sermons.

Another thing is that if all these SSPX people came back to the Catholic Church then ... well we NEEEED them! The Clappers are probably happy they are off the reservation.

I mentioned St Francis prediction of future but I really see that as LATER and not now. I think the true Antichrist when he rules the world will be calling US schezmatics and heretics to his false truths.

I am tempted to go to the Latin Mass just to be with true Catholics but it is far away.

So good points Carol! I am no expert ... just trying to sort this all out.

I do turn off someone who identifies himself as SSPX or VOTF.... one is interesting and the other makes me vomit but both are outside looking into the Church.

Fr Gruner? I did like him then thought he was a looney when "Vatican" told him to shut up. Now I think Cds. Bertone, Saldano, etc may have godo reasons or bad reasons for not telling us the 4th secret but I agree with Fr Gruner and Mother Angelica that there is more than what we are told. Maybe i would NOT want to know and would be better off not knowing as Fr Malichy Martin siad.. but I am curious as Pope JPII accused us of being who want to know the rest of the secret.

True.. the SSPX has much truth but they seriously hurt the Church and they hurt us! Bring the SSPX in to be controlled by the Church come what may or leave it and come back alone... then you can join me in the pew to listen to the silly unity sermons that help the Democrat Party platform.

Thanks Carol!